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synaesthetic 2010-08-28 14:02

The Smartphone Thread
There's been a lot of various threads about smartphones popping up here and in General, but I figured for the sake of brevity, it would be nicer to just centralize all smartphone discussion into one thread. :)

So yeah. Talk about your phone here. All smartphone owners are welcome--whether you use Android, iOS, WinMo, Symbian, Blackberry, whatever! Talk about the hardware, the OS, the apps, everything.

Anyway, I own an Android smartphone, a white T-Mobile myTouch 3G (rev. 1).

It's pretty "old" by smartphone standards--using an ARMv6 processor and having only about 192MB of RAM. I've long since rooted it and flashed Cyanogenmod 5.0.8 (Eclair/2.1 based) and have installed a great deal of performance-enhancing measures.

It runs quite well now, though it was actually a lot faster on stock Android 1.6 than it is on CM5. :heh: I guess Android 2.1 has a lot more overhead than 1.6.

I use a number of apps to maximize performance, but other than that my app list is fairly small. I can't really go crazy with apps because so many of them are just useless to me, but there's a few I really like and definitely recommend to anyone using an Android phone.

My app list (su means it needs superuser access/rooting)

AdFree (su)
ADW.Launcher (upgrade, but it's also embedded in CM5)
Android Comic Viewer (this is great for manga!)
Adobe Reader
AK Notepad
Auto Memory Manager (su)
Barcode Scanner
File Manager
Google Translate
Hello Expense
Meebo IM
T-Mobile My Account
SetCPU (su)
The Weather Channel

I don't have any games on here. :( The phone is not really fast enough to handle SNES emulation without problems, and Android pretty much sucks for gaming compared to iOS.

Not listed up there, but I also use an alternate virtual keyboard, the HTC IME mod as found on xda-developers. It's a hell of a lot nicer than the stock Android virtual keyboard, but nowhere near as nice as Swype. I did manage to get the Swype beta during the open beta, but sadly my phone just isn't fast enough.

I had a chance to play with a Samsung Vibrant demo unit at T-Mo when I went to pay my bill, and I'm totally convinced I want it as my next phone. The AMOLED is totally gorgeous, the larger screen size makes the lack of a physical keyboard a non-issue and it comes preloaded with Swype (however, the HTC IME mod may make a reappearance since flashing CM6 on it will likely wipe... Swype... away). It sounds good as a music player, though GPS is still broken (being fixed in an update) and battery life is kinda bad (hi there fast CPU and big pretty screen).

Still though I haven't seen much else I'm interested in since I really wish my phone could pull double duty as a media player. The Galaxy S is pretty much made for this, so it's a win-win. The upcoming T-Mobile G2 and myTouch HD are both HTC products and HTC has traditionally considered media playback as an afterthought... every HTC handset I've ever listened to music on has been a big ol' hissfest. :(

Anyway, post about your smartphone and let us nerd out over our tiny computerphones!

chikorita157 2010-08-28 14:28

My iPhone 3GS 32GB is my main phone at the moment running iOS 4.0.1 jailbroken. I mainly use it to read all my email (Unified Mailbox is great since I can read all the messages from my personal and university accounts), light web browsing, update Twitter, Youtube, taking pictures, listen to music and updating my side blog.

I also have my iPhone 3G, but I barely use it except to experiment with the Android iPhone port out there.

Apps List:
Twitter for iPhone
iMovie (hacked to run on the 3GS)
Apple Store
iBooks (never really use it...)
Red Laser
Wordpress for iOS
Prowl (to notify me about new comments on my Blogs)
Speed Test

Jailbroken Apps
3G Unrestrictor (removes the artificial restrictions on Youtube and the App Store)
TetherMe (enables Native Tethering without AT&T's greedy tethering charge)

synaesthetic 2010-08-28 15:25

As much as I dislike Jobs' attitude and whatnot, I really still wish I had an iPhone, because seriously iPhone gaming is light-years ahead of Android. As much as I dig Android's native moddability, I get slightly annoyed that iOS users get lots of cool games on their hardware, while I look longingly at the Samsung Galaxy S, and realize that awesome PowerVR SGX 540 is basically wasted...

Hooray for platform fragmentation. :(

I mostly wish the iPhone 4 didn't have a glass backplate (hurr), had a nonconductive coating on the antennas (hurr) and had a 64GB option... (hurr, all of these seem like no-brainers, wtf Apple, but maybe the 64GB wasn't possible because 32nm NAND is too physically large?)

The iPhone has a much nicer virtual keyboard, too... the HTC IME mod I use is a lot better than the stock Android virtual 'board, but it's not nearly as good as Apple's (or Swype for that matter).

Native USB tethering is baked right into Cyanogenmod 5.0.8, which is awesome. It's basically the main reason why I went for a 2.1-based ROM instead of a 1.6-based custom ROM, since the phone is pretty slow for 2.1 and up. And no, the JIT in Froyo won't really help since the problem is more lack of memory than very demanding CPU usage.

Things got a lot nicer when I put a Class 6 sdcard in my phone and set up a 64mb swap partition. It's a lot faster-feeling now, especially since the system doesn't kill my home screen any time I run an app now.

T-Mobile's network is pretty uncrowded so I don't know if they'll charge extra for tethering when their devices get 2.2 updates bringing mobile hotspot capability. If they don't, considering the new phones T-Mo's getting soon, they might take back a strong place in the Android world. Verizon has been stealing their thunder regularly since the original Droid hit.

Regarding iPhones, I refuse to use AT&T. Seriously I think a lot of AT&T subscribers are fed up with them, too, and the iPhone exclusivity contract is the only thing keeping a lot of AT&T folks from jumping ship. Supposedly the CDMA iPhone is in the works, and I suspect that when it's released, a lot of folks are going to tell AT&T to go fuck themselves and go to Verizon.

Edit: I may seriously consider getting an iPhone when T-Mobile gets them, but the cost is... not too good.

The Nokia N9 is looking really awesome; if MeeGo is more 50/50 phone/tiny computer and not so much 20/80 phone/tiny computer like Maemo on the N900 was...

Seriously this thing is sexy:

Android is cool and all but I am such a nerd for the N900 and the N9 looks amazing, here's hoping it will function amazingly too.

chikorita157 2010-08-28 15:54


Regarding iPhones, I refuse to use AT&T. Seriously I think a lot of AT&T subscribers are fed up with them, too, and the iPhone exclusivity contract is the only thing keeping a lot of AT&T folks from jumping ship. Supposedly the CDMA iPhone is in the works, and I suspect that when it's released, a lot of folks are going to tell AT&T to go fuck themselves and go to Verizon.
Nah, Verizon is just as bad as AT&T. If you haven't read in the news about Google and Verizon about making their own Net Neutrality, they are making a deal so the rules will work for their advantage... The main reason I still use AT&T since my parents get a government discount off the monthly fee.

Wireless is pretty much crap in the United States mainly because the cell providers monopolizes the market... Unlike Europe and other countries which some of their providers includes tethering with the data plan. Also, they have a wider choice of wireless providers without different wireless spectrums and the providers sell unlocked phones (at a higher price).

synaesthetic 2010-08-28 16:10

Oh I know, that's why I use T-Mobile. I don't get the fastest 3G speeds around (since there's no HSPA+ in the SF bay area, and my phone can't do it anyway) but my plan is no-contract and only costs $60 a month for 500 anytime minutes (which I rarely use half of), unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited SMS and unlimited data (which I use the crap out of).

The Google/Verizon thing is getting misunderstood a lot, and I don't really think it's going to equal the doomsday scenario that some folks are painting... unless you use Verizon's network.

That's why I vote with my wallet and go for T-Mobile who doesn't try to charge the crap out of me and isn't making backroom deals, and I can quit whenever I want if I decide T-Mo is being stupid like that.

If MetroPCS brings LTE to the SF bay area (it'll happen) and it works (this is still up in the air) I may jump ship for them if they can get decent phones... the Samsung Craft is not that impressive (lol featurephone with superfast 4G internets).

Fome 2010-09-08 21:26

Animesuki's favorite iPhone apps
The reason I'm starting this thread is because I'm tired of scrounging around in vain through all the popular apps flooding the store's top 50. Honestly, almost none of them interest me that much, so now I turn to the animesuki community. I'm intensely curious as to which apps are most popular among you guys. I'm not necessarily interested solely in apps that pertain to anime--I just want to know the app preferences of people with interests similar to my own, which include anime, games, and Japanese culture, among others.

Some of my favorites:

Air Video - quite possibly the best video streaming app around, ideal for watching anime stored on my computer when I'm not home.

ComicZeal - an excellent comic reader, with settings to switch between manga and western graphic novels. Importing manga is as simple as drag and drop in iTunes.

Japanese - a powerful Japanese dictionary, with the ability to display example sentences and create flashcards for study.

Anime Radio - A little buggy, but I need my jpop fix from time to time.

Please do not hesitate to suggest anything. What are the apps you can't live without?

synaesthetic 2010-09-08 21:39

There's already a thread for this sort of thing in Tech Support.

I don't use an iPhone because I don't like Steve-o being able to tell me what I can and can't do with my phone. For now, I'm using a rooted T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Cyanogenmod 5.0.8. It'll hold me until I can buy a Nokia N900 or Nokia releases the upcoming N9.

I don't use many apps, but these are my favorites:

AdFree (requires root)
Android Comic Viewer
AK Notepad
setCPU (requires root)
Meebo IM

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