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Dragonar Fan 2010-09-12 23:12

Whats under you pillow? or what do you sleep with ? Thread
This is a Thread about your pillow & what you keep under ( or in it on the side Whatever) other than stuffing (Stashes & food count too)
You never know if you gonna be ambushed
I personally carry a MkIII Mod 0 , A Zippo & a Highpowered Airsoft Sub- pistol loaded with Metal 6mms with 4 spare magazines & a Rusty sword I found on the beach.. other than that My Wallet

Mr. Wang 2010-09-12 23:15

Really? I keep my Taiwanese katana close to my bed. I don't have many firearms close by, lest an accidental fire... maybe my Mauser C-96. I dunno...
But my Katana is a must.

Gin 2010-09-12 23:21

A big bag of weed, my pipe, a lighter, and my nunchaku. :p

Dragonar Fan 2010-09-12 23:37

May I Ask, What kind of pipe do you carry?

synaesthetic 2010-09-12 23:52

My girlfriend.

Gin 2010-09-13 00:19

^Be sure to take the pillow off her at some point, so she doesn't suffocate. :D

Dilla 2010-09-13 00:36

What's under my pillow? My head.

No morning rays shall disturb my much-loved sleep time.

seiftis 2010-09-13 00:50

You guys and weapons... scary.


Originally Posted by Dilla (Post 3242358)
What's under my pillow? My head.
No morning rays shall disturb my much-loved sleep time.

I do that as well most of the time. :p
As well as my phone to serve as alarm clock, else I'd be skipping too many classes.

Mute 2010-09-13 00:58

Usually a book and my phone. ;D

Mr. Wang 2010-09-13 01:13


Originally Posted by seiftis (Post 3242374)
You guys and weapons... scary.

Well nothing says we can't have fun with it :heh:. My Mauser's in a box in my closet, don't worry. I mean, I have other stuff, like books, manga, and light novels I've been reading, maybe a small handheld light, and I always gotta have my trusty laptop.

But no joke, there is a katana sitting right next to my pillow.

Reckoner 2010-09-13 01:51

Tissues :naughty:.

Jokes aside........ :uhoh: I do tend to keep a bottle of painkillers handy with some water nearby.

Mr.Raw 2010-09-13 02:31

Usually my good old psp and phone :heh:

Irkalla 2010-09-13 02:33

What I sleep with? Mostly with men.

What is under my pillow? Another pillow.

Jinto 2010-09-13 02:42

I don't like to sleep on a pillow. That means, the place that would be under my pillow (if I used one) is filled with my head or emptiness. I've been reading some interesting replies here. @Zaseka, The Princess and the Pea comes to my mind reading your reply. :D

Kudryavka 2010-09-13 02:46

Komari keeps a tooth under her pillow

Spectacular_Insanity 2010-09-13 02:48

Hmmm... I don't usually keep objects under my pillow other than my hand for support. Or my head when I'm trying to sleep in past noon. Or when I was a kid, the occasional tooth. :3

I have a single King-sized pillow; I like it better than double stacking two twin-sized pillows.

Kusa-San 2010-09-13 02:50

Hum, you should not sleep near your phone. It might be dangerous for your health and it's better to have your phone 2-3meter away from you.

Btw, I have nothing under my pillow even if sometimes I have a huge knife but it's really rare.

However, I have always my watch near me and a bottle of water.

grylsyjaeger 2010-09-13 03:13


There's a Seal Pup Combat Dagger in my night stand but that's about it.

Gin 2010-09-13 03:15


Originally Posted by Zaseka (Post 3242460)
What is under my pillow? Another pillow.

Just one? I have like 8 pillows on my bed, its like sleeping in/on a cloud.

Arbitres 2010-09-13 03:17

Under my pillow? The bed portion. What I sleep with?

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