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marvelB 2010-09-28 04:29

One Piece - Chapter 598 (manga)
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Well...... the time has finally come, folks. We're finally about to enter the next act of this epic tale. It should be noted that there's no spoiler summary yet, but we do have this colorspread of the new and improved Straw-Hats: :D

As I expected, the crew doesn't look TOO different, but there are certainly some noticable changes here and there (like Franky being bald, lol :p). Most interesting however, is that we not only see Sanji's left eye (FINALLY), but it seems that Zoro may be missing an arm....

Oh, and I guess Nami got some breast implants from the sky island, too. :)

Update: Aaannnd.... it's summary time:

-Two years have passed since the war at Marineford. The Kuja have come to fetch Luffy from Rusukaina island and transport him to Sabaody. We learn that Luffy already mastered the basics of Haki within a year, and that Rayleigh had already returned to Sabaody just six months afterwards. After rejecting a marriage proposal from Hancock (lol :p), Luffy gets ready to depart.....

-We now go to Sabaody, where we learn that some promising new rookie pirates have gathered. The island's citizens also speak of rumors about the Straw-Hats returning there, looking for new crewmembers. Meanwhile, it's revealed that Brooke has became a famous rock star, and is playing the last show of his world tour at Sabaody. Sanji also arrives at the island, and is ecstatic to finally encounter some females after two years of enduring okama hell. He tells his tranny companions to give his regards to Iva, and races off to find Nami and Robin.....

-Meanwhile, at a tavern, we see Nami having a conversation with the bartender, who tells her that the new fleet admiral of the marines has made the decision to relocate the HQ to the other side of the Red Line, right in the Yonkou's territory. As this is explained, we see that some imposters of the Straw-Hat pirates are busy "recruiting" some new members, and causing a ruckus all around. The fake Luffy then tries to flirt with Nami, but Usopp appears and demonstrates his new Pop Greens on the faux pirate. He and Nami have a joyful reunion, and Nami zaps the imposter with her thunder clouds as she and her companion leave the bar. The fake Luffy orders to have the two real Straw-Hats hunted down.....

-Sanji talks with Rayliegh and Shakky, who tell him that Zoro and Franky were the first two to arrive at Sabaody. They also mention that the ship's coating is finished. Meanwhile, Chopper has arrived at Sabaody, and bumps into more fake Straw-Hats, who decide to make him their pet. The real Robin is also present, and is heading off to the meeting place. We then take a look at Marineford's G1 base, the marines catch wind of the news about the Straw-Hats, and decide to take action. Finally, the real Luffy arrives at Sabaody and bumps into his imposter....

Well now, quite a chapter for the series' glorious return, eh? I rather like those fake Straw-Hats' designs. Looksl ike the only ones who haven't arrived at Sabaody yet are Zoro and Franky. And now that the marines are aware of their presence (though that's really the imposters' fault, heh), it looks like things are gonna get real interesting these next few chapters..... :D

Kallen4life 2010-09-28 04:32

Franky WOW

Nami-san with long hair omg droooooooooooool


Zoro - Shanks wanna-be ? the arm, hmm

marvelB 2010-09-28 04:35

BTW, I just wanna add that Usopp is looking pretty damn pimpin' right about now..... :D

blackflash 2010-09-28 04:39

Massive scar on Luffy.......


Kallen4life 2010-09-28 04:42

Sanji looks ok

but damn, I can't stop looking at Nami's hair

and need a full body-shot of Robin

Luffy seems the same + scar

andy 2010-09-28 04:45

Not to much other than the color pic.
Happy with the changes , did not expect them to change much any way .

seiji_kun 2010-09-28 04:47

At first glance, Robin looks the one with the best new design. She looks even hotter then she already was. Can't say I'm a fan of some of the new designs, guess they'll have to grow on me.

Luffy is as good as unchanged as expected. The scar is a noticable change especially due its size but it's still good old Luffy thank god. The one that grew so much on us. Nami, the long hair doesn't speak to me though, her long hair is to wavy and I'm a straight long hair fan though guess with her name it could only have been wavy. Franky bald goddammit, his hair was one of his coolest attributes and now we'll never see the joke with his hair again when he uses other beverages then cola :( . And did his modifications made him huge? He seems so freaking wide. And wish he wouldn't have changed Chopper's hat. I loved his hat. Especially after an episode of Gintama where Gintoki was wearing it. All the others are great and Sanji and Zoro's even a bit predictable since a lot of people expected Zoro to have a new scar and Sanji growing some facial hair.

tsunade666 2010-09-28 04:50

I don't think zoro lost an arm because look their is still a bandanna or is it an arm band on the arm. robin and nami is already hot but man it become hotter than ever here.

sanji.............. hige..... beard.

Darmill 2010-09-28 04:51

It seems that Zoro only carries 2 swords now. Besides, it looks like he lost his right eye as well :(

Kallen4life 2010-09-28 04:52

if he's really one-armed with 2 swords - kinda sad .. I liked Santōryū

FoxxFireArt 2010-09-28 04:57

Has anyone else noticed yet that Luffy and Nami are in the exact same pose they were in on the original Romance Dawn Ch. 1 image?

I'm not sure how I feel about Nami's new longer hair.

I'm also unsure so sure Franky is bald. He could just have his hair slicked back.

Darmill 2010-09-28 04:58


Originally Posted by Kallen4life (Post 3269148)
if he's really one-armed with 2 swords - kinda sad .. I liked Santōryū

+1. I would miss it terribly :mad:

tsunade666 2010-09-28 05:16

what's Romance Dawn? though I didn't notice that zoro is also down with 2 swords. santouryuu is really cool but when did luffy get the huge cross scar? I just can't remember him having that scar in the last arc. Maybe he got that during training but I really can't remember him having that one on the last arc.

ShiroiRyu 2010-09-28 05:25

Ah ...
Nami have two better arguments than before.
It's the only thing i saw in this picture. :D

aliasxn 2010-09-28 05:43

Meh... Didn't like Nami's new look...

FoxxFireArt 2010-09-28 06:06


Originally Posted by tsunade666 (Post 3269166)
what's Romance Dawn? though I didn't notice that zoro is also down with 2 swords. santouryuu is really cool but when did luffy get the huge cross scar? I just can't remember him having that scar in the last arc. Maybe he got that during training but I really can't remember him having that one on the last arc.

"Romance Dawn" was the name of the very first chapter of One Piece. On the first splash page had Luffy and Nami on it in the exact same pose. Only they were surrounded by Shank's crew. Nami was even holding pearls in the very same hand.

Knighto 2010-09-28 06:08

Somehow it's like I'm seeing the new generation of Roger's crew. Zoro got a scar on an eye like Rayleigh, and Nami with that new hairstyle looks exactly like Rouge.

hero147 2010-09-28 06:21

I hope Zoro didn't lose an arm. That would be awful. I'm not a big fan of Nami's hair though. I'm a fan of short hair as well.

Von Himmel 2010-09-28 06:28

Can't say I'm too fond with Nami's hair either. But meh, someties color pages are not to my liking either, so perhaps the normal black and white for Nami's design will get me ;(

And, why is it that for some reasons I feel Usopp kinda..change ?

Charred Knight 2010-09-28 06:36

So a lot of characters got new scars while Zoro has appeared to lose an eye and an arm. I for one like Nami's new hair, we need to show growth, so hair growth should do it. Sad to see some characters haven't changed like Robin and Chopper. Come on Chopper should have grown some height.

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