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GarBhaD 2004-03-20 11:21

No Audio switching
I've a problem when playing files with dual audio streams, be it OGM or MKV.
I've Media Player Classic's last version, CoreAAC and CoreVorbis. When I play one of the above formats with 2 or more audio streams, all the streams play at the same time!! Why is that?
Browsing through MPC's options I found an Audio switcher, which allows me to choose. BUT then, it always go for the first stream by default instead of choosing the language I selected in the DVD/OGM section. I tried Morgan's switcher, but it doesn't play at all.
I installed OggDS and now I can play OGM files correctly without using any switcher, the splitter does it automatically and chooses the correct language. BUT (again) the problem persists with Matroska. What can I do?

Killisto 2004-11-02 03:39

this will fix your problem

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