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Messenjari 2003-11-15 04:25

Well i had a banner....Then school Got in the way.....had sketches of Characters...Gah School ur Driving me nuts :eyespin:

anyways lol.......

I did a Group photo of some of the characters (didnt wana show the others, cause they will appear Later ;) dun wanna ruin the surprise *if there is one*)

i may Cg it or i may not... dunno yet.....

It is a Sketch ATM.....Tried to keep it as clean as possible for Viewing Purposes :D
Spent bout 2.5 hours or so on it
Anyways... Enjoy :D

Tzurial 2003-11-15 04:29

Ah! webcomic! cooo-ool! I actually have a comic (3 chapters whoo!) but just can not find the time to get it online ;_; how frusterating
color it definately! They look like cool charaters!

gravitation 2003-11-15 07:09

ooo that pic looks nice ^__^ yeah it will look kool if ya colour it!
Tzurial!?! you have a comic! KOOOL whenever ya get it online tell me plz ^__^ bye

Messenjari 2003-11-18 05:52

ok iam defintly gonna cg that group photo but recently i was asked to do a picture for a website XD so i cged it and they LUVed it they are gonna make a Flash outa it and gona email me when they updated the site :D

The pic is located their..... Hope u all like it

:topicoff: Im just gonna use this Thread as my Personal Picture Showing Thing LOL...

:topicoff: anyways iam going partying now that iam 19 HAPPY B-DAY TO ME lol Cya all lata

Tzurial 2003-11-18 17:40

Oh I like her ears. and happy birthday!! Have fun! and I hope you dont wake up on a parkbench like I did! hm...still wish I knew how that happened

Flash_Squirrel 2003-11-18 18:40

The catgirl looks like someone from Utawarerumono. Is that your source? ^^;

Messenjari 2003-11-30 07:02

Well i finaly got around to coloring it....Studies for Finals are Eating what time i have.....


I think its kinda big so.......The Picture is located there....

its kinda big in size too....bout 900 KB.....:heh:

Sorry for those with Slow Connections >_<

gravitation 2003-11-30 07:12

awww the coloured version looks kool! ^_^ i congratulate you on this nice piece of work :D ^_^

dexter 2003-11-30 13:40

It was your birthday Messenjari ?? Sorry, I wasn't able to greet you !! Your work is cool by the way ;) !! I'm creating a Webcomic too , but I've been very busy this past few weeks .

Messenjari 2003-12-04 07:51

my New image.....its quite rough.....but i figured i may as well show u all....
the description is on that page :heh: iam extremely tired......Goodnight :D

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