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Klashikari 2010-10-23 06:56

Kami nomi/TWGOK - Anime Speculation & Theories (for first-time viewers)
This thread is aimed at first time viewers of Kami nomi/TWGOK and its purpose is to allow spoiler free speculation and theories to be aired. Having them in a central location may help focus the discussion instead of spreading speculation over the various episode discussion threads. If you are knowledgeable of the manga and wish to speculate or discuss theories, then please do not post in this thread (use the spoiler thread (manga readers)) and do not give away any spoilers in this thread!

Unacceptable post topics:
  • Any form of spoiler from Kami nomi/TWGOK manga.
  • Any form of game spoilers.
  • Any form of spoilers from visual novels.

Spoiler Policy
  • Any spoiler that reveals future events, even under a spoiler tag, will be deleted.
    Spoiler tags should still be used where appropriate.
  • Adding a Spoiler tag: highlight your spoiler and click the button found
    on the "Quick Reply" and "Reply to Thread" forms.
    Make sure that you include a title for the spoiler!
  • Please use the Report button if you see any spoilers: the button found to the left of the post, just under the poster's avatar.
    Using the Report button is anonymous and helps the Moderators
    to locate and deal with problems quickly.
  • Posting prohibited spoilers may result in a ban.
    Note: Reporting a post does not mean the poster will be banned instantly.
    The Moderators will use bans if warnings are repeatedly ignored.

Magazine previews are an exception to the said rule. You are allowed to discuss those. (Properly labeled spoiler tags required).

LeaD36 2010-10-24 02:40

Somehow this thread seems more or less void, since everybody's going to get addicted to the manga aswell asap

risingstar3110 2010-10-24 02:57

Let's just wait until ep 4, and hopefully the sub forum will encourage avatars/signature making and attract new anime viewers from other threads

Most of the shows that i watched for the first time, was due to seeing people avatar and signature after all

ronelm2000 2010-10-24 07:59

Ummm...I haven't been spoiled yet so...: =D

I'm predicting Kami-sama (cough) will seduce *lol* those girls in the ED in 13 episodes. =P

I do wish for a 24 ep of this though (or more). =D

LKK 2010-10-24 09:33


Originally Posted by ronelm2000 (Post 3312868)
I do wish for a 24 ep of this though (or more). =D

We know we're getting approximately 24 episodes because the series is scheduled for 2 cour already. The cours are just not running back to back, that's all.

ronelm2000 2010-10-24 09:42

Ah that's good. 24 eps...=S So how many girls are we talking about many arcs, according to computation...9-11...too much...? =S

Seihai 2010-10-24 09:50

Well, if you include both courses, it will be at least 9 girls. See the PV.

Jaden 2010-10-27 14:28

There will likely be a brutal group lynching in the end then. It's not possible to go out with 9 girls even in a game... :p

ronelm2000 2010-11-02 05:06

I lol'd at this...too bad it can't happen as the girls often forget the capture...much like a heart reset...

I think what needs lynching is Keima's mind. XD

Kyuu 2010-12-10 04:45

Real Life Spoiler!



ronelm2000 2010-12-22 21:31

Speaking of which, I hope we also get to see Keima owning other consoles too =D

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