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milan kyuubi 2010-10-26 11:41

  • You can talk about characters from the past and the ones that have yet to appear in anime, just use spoilers when you do it.
  • No insulting, flaming, trolling and any other kind of this treatment. If you don't agree with someones opinion, you don't have to insult that person by resorting to insults.
  • Please don't use one lines / one sentence while posting. Try to post your opinion/s on why do you think certain characters need more developing. You can have a debate with other members about your opinion/s. Otherwise this thread will be became pointless and probably closed.

There are many characters in Naruto who needs more developing, including secondary characters and others. Some lost their growth do the lack of screen time. While others are simple forgotten for the lack of the better word. When I say developing I don't mean only on their ninja skills, but also their personality's. Their are many characters who almost have the same personality like in the first part of Naruto. Some had development in ninja skill while they lack personality growth, while those who had some personality growth lack ninja skills.

Sakura: While she improved her ninja skills on the beginning on the part2, she didn't have any other skill development. Even trough it's been hinted by Kakashi that she has talent to surpass Tsunade.
Spoiler for manga:

Neji: He was supposed to became something like second rival to Sasuke in the first part do to their bloodlines. While he had almost major character devoloplemnt in part 1. This has been ruined because the lack of screen time he gets. He stayed the same as in part 1 in skills and chraracter development. He is also the one who knows the best to use the byakugan, just for this he needs to get more development, yet he is being ignored.

Shikamaru: Even when he shown, it's almost always about his inteligence. His personality hasn't changed much. He still thinks everyone/everything
is troublesome. His ninja skill still remaine's the same. This is the problem because we have some characters with new power levels, while he and other's remain the same. This will also limit their screen time in the future. I may be ok with his personality being almost the same, but I would like to see him developing some/more ninja skills.

And I can say about more other characters :) But I don't have time right now :D

herculan 2010-10-31 07:02

I hope naruto doesn't develop into some chakra monster....
I want naruto to go back to the tactical fightings and teamwork...
I want a sasuke vs naruto fight like I imagined it to be when I saw the image of Madara vs 1st hokage. I want huge scrolls to summon stuff, new ninja tools, more tactics, depth, variety, new jutsus. Crazy animal summons. Blood... I believe characters like Neji are all battle ready.. He doesn't need any more jutsu's.. I mean look at his latest new jutsu: The hakke.. Its like a wind style attack that doesn't fit with his gentle fist AT ALL... Rock lee needs a new technique and kiba has a lot more potential.. But in the end kishi simply needs to give them more screentime and simply state that they are 'stronger' without teaching them new jutsus... And have em fight alongside naruto as equals..
also the story is developing more and more to elemental affinities and that makes the fight boring since they don't really have a background story or any depth in them.. I'd like a lot of kekkai genkais like shikamaru's power.. Stuff in that direction :D

Mr. Johnny 5 2010-10-31 09:23

Well.. Naruto is an confusing character.
At many times he seems an complete idiot. While his genius moments in battle also appear frequently. It is difficult to proof or know for sure whether he grows and how he grows.

Take for example the Pain incident. He was pretty much the acting Hokage. The leader in combat. No one had to, should, or could interfere. Untill Hinata had to jump in (girl power).

Aside from both Naruto and Sasuke who are obviously growing to become the greatest in the manga was the development of Neji and Lee a complete suprise.

Neji and Lee were seen as the strongest hand to hand combat duo (in the near future) inside the walls of Konoha. Instead they seem completely forgotten.

- Neji has become a Jounin but we don't know how and why he became one.
- Why he is still in the squad of Gai.
- Why he hasnt become a jounin-sensei.

But then again... there are so many things that we can ask even from Sakura who's growing up to become a secretary.
- When will she finally stop being useless?
- When will she show stop crying?
- When will we see that she uses ninjutsu or genjutsu aside from bunshin no jutsu or medical jutsu?

DeDe 2010-10-31 12:45

You could list so many characters that we would be here all day. :p

All of the Konoha 11

Neji: It's already been said. Nobody suffered more from the move from Part 1 to Shippuden.
Shikamaru: Unlike the others, he actually has been developed in Shippuden. A whole arc was devoted to him. He did drop being lazy and stopped complaining about everything being troublesome. But he does badly need some new techniques and a powerup if he is the most important of the Konoha kids outside of Naruto and Sakura. And more screentime if he is going to play a bigger part in Naruto's life.
Rock Lee:
Spoiler for manga:

Spoiler for manga:

Ino: She really has no purpose in the manga at this point. Maybe a more assertive role on Team 10 would help her.
Choji: His only real development is his friendship with Shikamaru which hasn't been touched on in a long time. As sad as it was, his father dying would have given him more development.
Hinata: Did get some development during the Pain arc, but that never has been followed up on. What are her feelings now about Naruto? Where does that stand?
Shino: He was never developed much in the first place.
Kiba: Kishi still knows to portray him as a hothead and idiot. A very poor man's Naruto. But he needs a return to the character in the Sasuke Rescue Arc that showed more complexity.
Tenten: Poor Tenten. At least she has the anime.
Sai: The Japanese never liked him, which is why Kishi dropped him to background player after his introduction arc. He seems like he will get involved with the Team 7 relationship mess from now on.

A few more

Temari: What a waste. Her connection to Konoha and relationship with Shikamaru hasn't been shown in a while. Now she is a zombie who stands behind Gaara. She needs her old storylines back.
Kankurou: See above, but without the romance angle. I want him to do something that doesn't involve him being Gaara's big brother. All we have to look forward to is the Sasori puppet.

Anyway, really good topic. But the thread probably needs a "manga" tag to get around spoilers. Oh and Happy Halloween.

roriconfan 2010-10-31 15:33

Entire arcs were wasted in running around doing nothing. Kishi messed up there. I mean, the arc where Sai joins to go find Sasuke (again) what was all that about? Why didn't he show us what the rest of the team is doing in the meantime? Not much, just a couple of minutes per episode. I mean, the plot is deliberately going snail slow and there are a hundred undeveloped characters. Would it kill Kishi to just insert a few scenes of other teams?

Other than that, Shikamaru got a nice development because his teacher died. And if you think about it, development in Naruto is based on someone's death all the time. So what we need is more deaths of unneeded charactes, so the rest can develop based on the tragedy of the death of their friends and family.

But no, we had Pain ressurecting everyone and leaving the rest as stunts. Kishi messed up big time for being afraid to kill some characters.

mrShady 2010-10-31 18:26

Well to kishi's defense pain killing everyone and letting them stay dead would be worse. Nobody would forgive pain and noone would agree with naruto's decision not to kill him. Personally i think it was the best way to make naruto into a true hero recognized by the village. Besides what a lame way would that be for kakashi to die.

But I agree that he wasted to many good deaths and other possibilities for good character development for no good reason, it's a shame would have improved the series a great deal.

Anyway I agree with the characters mentioned the only ones I would like to add are the other jinchuuriki..... what a waste of potential.

Kishi should just rewrite the entire series:p.

james0246 2010-10-31 19:00

Should the thread title be: "What characters need developing?" or "Which Characters Need Development?"

tkdtiger 2010-11-02 14:16

"Which Characters Need Development?" I think saying "which" rather than "What" would be more correct, but I don't think it really matters that much since people would understand the sentence either way. Make characters singular and change need to needs..."Which Character Needs Development."

Kafriel 2010-11-02 15:46

Madara, Sasuke and team taka need development...while we're getting scraps of Madara's history, we know next to nothing about him: what does he want to do, does he give a damn about Nagato's circle of pain, does he care for his clan or is he just out for revenge, much like Sasuke?
Next up is Sasuke...for a genius, he sure missed Kakashi's words before defecting. And then he got what he wanted, he managed to kill Itachi, but instead of feeling empty and seeking a new purpose, he clings to revenge.
Team taka: they all got their reasons to follow Sasuke, but...
Spoiler for manga spoilers, you've been tagged:

SeanQ 2010-11-02 16:52

TenTen needs to be equipped with homing missiles and such so she could actually make use of being a long range fighter =) Since here introduction, I've been in pure awe at her awesome ability to miss with her 99.9% target hit rate xD

Alchemist007 2010-11-02 21:10

Sakura needs to stop sucking. Get better at fighting, get better at finding guys, I guess all she's done right so far is some healing and the Sasori fight.

Fran~ 2010-11-02 22:57

I want answers about Sakura for so long that i'm almost ashamed. :D

Why Sakura uses a circle in her clothes?, Naruto's whirpool and Sasuke's fan were explained... Sakura's family is not from a clan, like Shikamaru (who wears a different symbol, but i assume that's his family's crest or something).

That circle has a lot of meaning in japanese culture:


Ensō: "Ensō (円相) is a Japanese word meaning "circle" and a concept strongly associated with Zen. Ensō is perhaps the most common subject of Japanese calligraphy even though it is a symbol and not a character. It symbolizes enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and the void; it can also symbolize the Japanese aesthetic itself. "
Yeah, perhaps is just wishful thinking, but who knows, then why Sakura, who is a normal girl from a normal family without any ninjas around is wearing that circle on her back?
Spoiler for manga:

Everytime that he explains Sasuke's fan, Konoha's whirpool, it's in important events of the plot.

lolitaninja 2010-11-02 23:56

If anyone needs development, it's Gaara's siblings. We know enough about Gaara's troubled past and how he over came the odds blah, blah,blah, but what about Temari and Kankuro? What I wouldn't give to see a flashback of them as kids. I want to see how they interracted with little Gaara. I want to know how Temari got her fan and Kankuro got his puppets. I want to know how they were trained. I just want to know more about them! Hear their view points. I want to see more of them interracting with Gaara, interracting with each other! I just want them to have more screentime! They have such great potential as characters, such great personalities, their such powerful characters and they need more battle scenes. Is that too much to ask for, Kishimoto?! (Man, what a waste...)

roriconfan 2010-11-03 06:05

It's already too late to develop all these characters. Unless the Saiyans attack or something and the story has not even reached the middle.

Haak 2010-11-03 08:07

I'd say Sakura by a wide mile. By all rights she should be one of the main characters and affecting the plot just like Naruto and Sasuke. But she has to sit back and let all the guys do the work because you need to have a penis to have any say in this story. You can atleast argue that all the other underdeveloped Konoha nin were still secondary characters when they started. Not so much for Sakura.

Ulquiorra 2010-11-03 17:56

Kishimoto heard all of you from his floating tower in the clouds over Tokyo. I think.

Spoiler for manga:

Alchemist007 2010-11-03 18:00


Fran~ 2010-11-03 21:00

Spoiler for Manga:

DeDe 2010-11-03 21:26


Originally Posted by Fran~ (Post 3330563)
Spoiler for Manga:

Spoiler for manga:

NoemiChan 2010-11-04 00:27

Naruto, because he is a genius idiot.

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