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relentlessflame 2010-11-02 21:44

Clarified Policy re: Franchises with both Manga & Light Novel Editions
Based on a request for clarification, we have prepared the following policy to deal with cases where a franchise have both manga and light novel adaptations.

Policy for Franchises with both Manga and Light Novel Editions
  1. In cases where there are both Manga and Light Novel versions of the same property but no sub-forum for the franchise, we will allow separate Manga and Light Novel threads to be created in the existing "Manga & Light Novels" forum.
  2. In these cases, the start of the thread title should indicate either "[Manga]" or "[Light Novel]".
  3. The normal rules about spoilers within an adaptation will apply, which is to say that future events in that adaptation/medium are inappropriate spoilers and should be directed to the thread for the source. Future events from the novel would be inappropriate in the manga thread, and vice-versa.
  4. Regarding threads already created that cover both the manga and light novel adaptations of a franchise ("legacy threads"), we would prefer to keep things going as they have been. But if you have a compelling reason to believe that a thread should be split, please first contact a member of the staff to explain the situation. The staff will then decide if a split is warranted.
  5. When creating threads for new franchises, please consider whether there is a significant risk that one medium will spoil another. (For example, if the manga is licensed or being scanlated, but the novels are not available in English.) We do not require one approach or the other, but we do require all forum members to be considerate about inappropriate spoilers at all times.

So the bottom line is that you can create separate threads if you think the case warrants it, but this is not required. In cases where discussion has traditionally been combined, we'd prefer to keep things as they are unless there's a good reason why it shouldn't continue that way. In such cases you should let us know and get approval before you take any action. (You may use the "Report Post" function or this thread to submit split requests, but be prepared to justify why it's needed.)

If you have any concerns about this policy, you may post it in this thread. You may also use this thread if you wish to submit/propose series that are in desperate need of being split. This thread will only be "stickied" for a limited time while we introduce this clarified policy.

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