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milan kyuubi 2010-11-04 06:57

Naruto Character Creation Contest ~ November 2010 ~ Time Travel Ninja
!!!Welcome to the NCC!!!

~Congratulations to milan kyuubi for winning the October Contest!~

The theme chosen for November is - Time Travel Ninja!.
What is that? See here for details.

Today is November fourth and here we have the beginning of our NCC!

The winner of this contest will decide the theme for next month's contest.

This thread is for submissions into the Character of the Month contest.

Contest Rules are as follows:
1. Every contest will have a theme. Each contestant must abide by the theme. Themes cannot be picked twice in a row.

2. Every Character Must be put in spoiler tags. This is to save space.

3. Contest submissions begin on the first day of each month. The entry period will last until two weeks from that date.

4. On the day after the submission date ends, a poll will open and it will last for one week. When the poll closes, the winner will be allowed to choose a theme for the next contest.

5. The next contest will not begin until the first of the month, when submissions are allowed once again.

6. Only one official submission per contestant. You may create as many character as you want, but you can only enter one official character. So please put “final or official entry in your post when you're ready to turn in your finished character.

7. You are allowed to wait until the final day to turn in your entry. If you wish to keep your entry private until the day the poll opens you can request it in the submission thread or by private message to the organizer (me, Sworn).

8. If you would like pictures included with your character please include links without image code tags so that it is easier for me to carry the pictures over to the voting thread.(You may still include pictures with code tags as long as you include plain links with them)

This month's entry period officially starts November 4, 2010 and lasts until December 4, 2010. ( Look, I'm being nice and giving you the whole month!! And this is also in hopes of getting more entries...yeah.)Entries will be gathered and put up for voting on December 5, 2010. Voting will end on the following Saturday.***

Entries can either be private messaged or posted in the submission thread. The submission thread can also be used to post works in progress to gather feedback from other posters. You do not have to post your entries in the thread if you don't wish to (for those who want to be private about what they are working on), until the last day of submissions. The whole idea is to promote quality entries but it's not required to submit early if you are confident in your entry but want to keep your submission secret until the due date. I will periodically update the thread to keep track of the names of all contestants and list those names here. Those who wish to keep entries private until the due date should still inform me they are entering so I can keep track of who is competing.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them here or private message me, I'll do my best to answer.

***A few notes about due dates and other "stuff"***
The due date ends at 11:59 (midnight basically) . The polling will be up the following day. I will try to be as lenient as I can with last minute submissions but only slightly.

It is up to you as a contestant to know what your time zone is in relation to UTC/GMT. I cannot do this for you. Here is a site that can help you figure that out:

* this format is the original work of Zaku Hyuga, who had originally borrowed it from Solace. I have merely edited it to fit this contest.


ps: I created banner for this month NCC, but you are free to use it next time you are creating this kind of thread!

Suomi 2010-11-05 07:51

shweetness. I'll come up with something when I have time. I think the last thread had simply been buried. :heh:

Sharfan 2010-11-16 22:08

Dang it, I missed October's contest. And, from the looks of things, I probably won't be able to enter this month's either. My internet's been on the fritz, and only works like a day every other week.

I'm going to make a character for this month, but I'm not promising that I'll be able to get it posted.

Keikan 2010-12-07 07:36

So ..... seeing as there were no posts do you just want to extend this competition until, say, the 20th of December seeing as it is too late in December to start a new one? Then do voting until the 27th then start the new one in January ... though this and the CYOJONC thread has pretty much died again so there probably isn't much hope for it. What do you think milan as ruler of the thread.

milan kyuubi 2010-12-07 08:26

^It's rather pointless to extended the time limit, I mean if no one posted by now there is a little chance of someone joining this late. Me and Illusore had a talk about this, so I think it would be best if we make a break (at least after the new year), people are also very busy at this time of the year. And after that we can ask mod to maybe to allow us to have this kind of threads in Naruto sub-forum, or maybe they can help in some different way.

ps: I fixed the banner.

Suomi 2010-12-07 12:03

Yes. Milan and I (we're pretty much joint rulers for now...I think. Right MK?)have decided to wait a month or two , past the busy holiday season, and start the thread up again after that, possibly asking mods if it could be moved to the Naruto subforum. Then we will see where it goes from there and hopefully it will get back up and running.
Thank you MK for the banner, by the way.

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