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Haak 2010-11-12 04:39

[MANGA] Your favourite Arc? (And please expand on why the said arc is your favorite!)

Originally Posted by monir (Post 3338662)
Yes we can. Write up the opening post, sir, and submit it here and one of us will start the thread.

Okay, here goes:

This is a thread where you can state your favourite arc and why you consider it your favourite (Anime-Only arcs and movies are included). Try not to get into heated arguments over why one arc is better than another. This thread is designed to show your appreciation for an arc. Not abject hatred for another (we have enough of that already). Ultimately it's down to taste, so while you may think you have every reason to hate on an arc, try to atleast realise that another fan will not and does not have to have the same perspective as you. That said, constructive criticism of arc is acceptable as long as it's relevant to why you consider another arc your favourite and as long as it's within reason.

The list of arcs are:
Agent of the Shinigami arc
Soul Society arc
Arrancar arc
Turn Back the Pendulum arc
Heuco Mundo arc
Fake Karakura War arc
Deicide arc

Anime only arcs include:
Bount arc
Amagai arc
Zanpaktou Tales arc
Beast Swords arc
The Sealed Sword Frenzy OVA

Movies include:
Memories of Nobody
Diamond Dust Rebellion
Fade to Black

Hellychan 2010-11-14 19:18

[MANGA] What is your favourite Arc?
Well, I tried to do the trick, luckily it worked! =D I added a poll for voting too =P

As for my favourite arc : Soul Society hands down! Why? It was the only one which kept me wanting for more until the end!

Shashin 2010-11-14 19:23

Agreed, SS arc is the most awesome!
Also (even though I can get some kicks for saying that) I like Arrancar arc :3

MikeyGrey 2010-11-15 04:41

ss arc was definite highpoint but i pretty much liked it all all upto fake kt (excluding fillers). lieutenant battles were fairly interesting as well. everything just went downhill from there though.

ronin myael 2010-11-15 06:40

definitely the soul society arc. that was epic! the fights were also better in that arc. i disliked the filler arcs in the anime save for the zanpakutou arc, that was slightly interesting. although i'm also partial towards the turn back the pendulum arc. it was interesting to see where it all started. besides, i'm sort of a shinji fan so it was nice to have a look at his history.

Alchemist007 2010-11-15 08:58

If Deicide isn't truly over yet, I think it can still redeem itself.

Arabesque 2010-11-15 11:32


Turn Back the Pendulum arc
Heuco Mundo arc
Fake Karakura War arc
Deicide arc
Are these actual official arcs? I had always thought they were just part of the Arrancar Arc.

The Chaos 2010-11-15 12:03

before I vote ..can someone remind me "Turn Back the Pendulum" Arc what was it about ?? :confused:

Irkalla 2010-11-15 13:56

Soul Society arc, of course. And all the Byakuya centric chapters that follow after that. :D

Haak 2010-11-15 14:28


Originally Posted by Arabesque (Post 3347177)
Are these actual official arcs? I had always thought they were just part of the Arrancar Arc.

They're far too different to be considered part of the same arc, and many people consider them different. Just look at the difference in votes between those arcs.

RDF2050 2010-11-15 14:50

Soul Society Arc. The best arc so far in Bleach. It was very original, creative and the battle were very interesting.

Chiisai Kuma 2010-11-15 15:48

Turn Back the Pendulum Arc and Soul Society Arc (and movie 1 if thats counted) are my favorite arcs

Fran~ 2010-11-15 17:18

SS Arc is the ONLY arc in Bleach :heh:

Until i get an answer for Aizen's motives, i will not called it over :D

secretzfan 2010-11-15 23:01

Nobody with Substiute arc:uhoh:

Soul Society arc (End of Hypnosis) (Rescuing Rukia)
Arrancar arc (Awesome)
Hueco Mundo arc (Doesn't that go with arranacar??)
MOVIE 2 was awesome
Movie 3 was sweet and lovable

I LOVED THE BOUNTS!!! :hyper-^v^:

Arabesque 2010-11-16 11:26


Originally Posted by Haak (Post 3347393)
They're far too different to be considered part of the same arc

Are they? The past arc in Bleah had been nothing but a continuous string of fights, so I don't see how they were different from each other. Furthermore, since the arc is structurally similar to the Soul Society arc, it doesn't make sense for the similar segments in SS to be considered part of a single arc, while the Arrancar arc is divided into many parts.

I mean, Fake Karakura War wasn't even a single event, it was interrupted by the Ichigo/Ulquiorra fight, which was in Heuco Mundo. We had in the SS arc the memories in the rain 2 flashback, which is similar to Turn Back the Pendulum. and then Deicide ... why is it even considered an arc? If it's just because of the chapter naming, then would End of Hypnosis or The Lust be considered individual arcs as well?

I don't know, seems iffy to me.


Originally Posted by Haak (Post 3347393)
and many people consider them different. Just look at the difference in votes between those arcs.

A single arc can have high and low points. That isn't a valid reason for it to be split. People could like a certain part of one arc, but hate the rest of it.

Haak 2010-11-16 12:29

I wouldn't consider them all a continous string of fights. Rather I would say most of them have distinctly different storylines. The Arrancar arc seeks to intrudce us to the new enemies and acts as a training arc. The Hueco Mundo arc is a save the damsel arc similar to the Soul Society arc. The Turn Back the Pendulum is a prequel and The Fake Karakura town is a massive war against Aizen. Deicide is the only one similar to one of them but it takes place in the real Karakura town so it would be kinda hard to call it part of the Fake Karakura town arc. And no one wants to change the name because that's what's already been agreed on this is far more convenient.

I can see where you're coming from but it's all based on preference really. You can consider them all the same arc if you want. I'm just going by what I thought everyone else considers to be arcs, based on what people say on the forum.

Aqua Knight 2010-11-16 15:04

Movie one was the best out of all from my point of view.

I also liked

1)SS arc - I think you don't need the reasons :)

2)Arrancar arc - Grimmjow, new awesome OST, Ichigo's hollow struggle, animation of certain parts

3) Out of HM arc - GJ vs Ichigo was only memorable, while last Ulq vs Ichigo is pale in comparison

4) FKT - vice-captains fights + Stark

Our of fillers

1) Bount arc was pretty nice for me, wasn't as boring as hell and watchable

2) Zan vs Shinigami - the beginning of the arc was very promising, but later lacked development and sucked

Thewanderer 2010-11-16 17:11

Favorite manga arc: Substitute Shinigami arc, unless the current arc is good enough.
Favorite anime arc: Zanpakuto arc. 'Nuff said.
Favorite movie: Fade to Black. For the T&A.

secretzfan 2010-11-16 21:11

Soul Society- Because it had tons of awesome parts that kept you on your toes plus Ichiukia. Then End of Hypnosis was the best shock ever

Arrancar arc- Introduces Isshin as a shinigami plus Grimmjow
Hueco Mundo- The Espada fights were awesome or at least most of them were like
Syzael was drawn out which I thought was pretty good since it just proved how much further Uryuu had to go to catch up with Mayuri

Bount arc- Pure Uryuu love, Had the best villain for a filler,(He even outranked some cannon villains in awesomeness) and the first and only filler to actually help the story go along.

Movie 2- Awesome action that out ranks the first one plus some meat arranacr scenes and more from minor characters like Orihime, Chad and Uryuu
Movie 3- Ichiukia cuteness

Hooves 2010-11-16 22:05

Soul Society Arc - Pure love for the action scenes between Ichigo and the captains (especially Ichigo vs Kenpachi) Ichiruki moments between these is also good. Also the other things that went on around Soul Society while Ichigo was blitzing through, there was also the introduction of the amazing Bankai in Uyruu's fight.

Fake Karakura War Arc - Loved all the action scenes between the Captains, and the Espadas.

Diamond Dust Rebellion (movie) - Just loved to see some scenes of Hitsugaya, and the story was just perfect for this :)

Fade to Black (movie) - Ichiruki moments were just at their highest in this :D

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