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MakubeX2 2010-11-24 18:28

Dairy Of A Bride From China (Free Web 4-Koma)

Mangaka was a single Japanese otaku in his 40's working as an illustrator for a game company when by fate, he met and married a girl from mainland China in her 20's.

The above blog is a humourous partilly fictional attempt from him poking at her as she adjust to life in Japan when cultural clash is inevitable.

Here's one of the first koma with my translation :-

Translation :-

The first thing that surprise Yue when she came to Japan was :-
"There's Paper in the toilet !"

She was left in surprise by this simple fact.
She did inspect each and every cubinet.

"Why don't the Japanese just take them ?"
And just why are you asking me......

She was left in awe for a while there.
And paper here as well.
"Truly this is Japan"

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