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Skyfall 2010-11-25 15:27

Amagami SS - Episode 21 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Amagami SS, Episode 21.

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GundamZZ 2010-11-25 15:52

So so episode. The good thing is Tsukasa has same personality inside out. This episode is trying to build up the background. The story begins with last Christmas. Then, time skip.

The show also displays the reference in the game.
The popular speculation is that the story takes place at year 1999(PS).

Freeter 2010-11-25 15:59

All aboard the bipolar express :D

Spoiler for 21:

Major props to the old-school PS1 cameo, I loved that era. FF7/Tactics/MGS/Xenogears all night long :cool:

Shinji103 2010-11-25 16:51


Originally Posted by Freeter (Post 3362397)
FF7/Tactics/MGS/Xenogears all night long :cool:

Amen. :cool:

So what's up with the raws this week? Corrupted again? :heh:

Newprimus 2010-11-25 17:31

Hmm, I liked the manga version better where,


Freeter 2010-11-25 18:10


Originally Posted by Shinji103 (Post 3362455)
Amen. :cool:

So what's up with the raws this week? Corrupted again? :heh:

If the providers are still feeling the burn over the last arc, then this ep will only add more logs to that fire :heh:

Mentar 2010-11-25 20:06

The first ep lost alot of precious minutes early, but the last 5 minutes and the ED were glorious ^_^

I'm pretty sure that even if I hadn't known her and her story upfront, I'd be all O_O!! now and waiting for the story to unfold. Finally we get one serious and intense grown-up after the rabble of kids we got in the past.

Mizugi Ayatsuji = win

I wonder how comes that I think I could study her various facial expressions and changes in her voice for hours without getting bored.

Midnight Bliss 2010-11-25 20:15

YES, my dominance is here! ;n;

I have listened to the Ed for the past hour, not lying.
Absolutely the best ED so far.

It's so classy and elegant and beautiful just like Tsukasa <3 It reminds me a bit of all those amazing old animes that everyone still remembers and loves <3 I think If I listen to it when I get the mp3 in bed, I'll fall asleep quickly because it's so relaxing.

This episode was great, I love her maturity and how things are moving forward already but maintains a good pace.
I also love her part in the ED, she's such a tease. xD They make her hair look gorgeous in the op and especially in the ED where they show her without clothes.

So excited for the subs and next week.

Hooves 2010-11-25 20:49

Ahh! The subs are not the website I watch on :T_T: This episode, and what everyone posts is just tempting me.

Sprite_Coke 2010-11-25 21:44


Originally Posted by Midnight Bliss (Post 3362662)
Absolutely the best ED so far.

Fo shizzle. It was brilliant how they start it out with a meloncholy shot of her.
Nazuna Kaori's voice is always a blessing, in the spirit of thanksgiving.

karuroso 2010-11-26 00:13


Originally Posted by Freeter (Post 3362397)

Poor Rihoko, the writers just have to rub it in :heh:

Yeah really why...whomever responsible for this was probably friendzoned as well, must be it >_>

anyway amazing ep, filled with fanservice + great twist at the end + awesome ED ,and again another arc with great potential, i just hope it wont go donwhill by the third ep...

Mentar 2010-11-26 01:27

I think the main reason why I love the ED so much is that it so perfectly captures her essence. What she is really about. The various shots of her, the composition of the background and surroundings... the fact that the (hauntingly fitting somber mood of her) song happens to be my favorite musicwise is just an extra.

serenade_beta 2010-11-26 02:01

Acha, poor(?) poor(?) Tachibana fell into the hands of the last boss. Just what will become of him?!

Liked the episode a lot. It did a good job starting the arc and ending at a climax(?).
Still... Poor Rihoko indeed... :heh:

The ED was... kind of poorly sung. Though it is in the character voice, at least.
Compared to the other ends, it feels like an entirely different anime. :heh:
The first scene especially made me laugh.
Very... "menacing". :heh:

PS: Tanaka-san probably had more existence in this episode than Rihoko did in her own arc, it felt... Uha...

Mentar 2010-11-26 03:25


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 3363056)
The ED was... kind of poorly sung. Though it is in the character voice, at least.
Compared to the other ends, it feels like an entirely different anime. :heh:
The first scene especially made me laugh.
Very... "menacing". :heh:

Menacing? Just to make sure, you mean the zoom-in facial shot with Ayatsuji's hair moving in the wind? Tbh, I doubt that ^_^; ... when she's menacing, she has a different facial expression. Hint: Check the name of the ED song.

I do agree though that the ED and the entire atmosphere does feel like an entirely different anime ;)

ID555 2010-11-26 04:34

A little uneventful and boring apart from the end, though I understand how they'd want to keep the surprise till the end of the episode (at least most of the spotlight was on the pair). Good thing too, because Haruka almost stole the show again! :heh:

There's real potential to make this arc as exciting as Haruka's so hopefully they don't screw it up >.<

On a side note:

Junichi, do you go along with every male friend who tempts you to their place with porn and video games? O_O

Tsuyoshi 2010-11-26 05:09

oh God, after reading this thread, I can't wait to go back home to watch this. It'll be the first thing I do tonight O_O

Dobby 2010-11-26 05:36

Spoiler for FFFFFFFFFF:


Otherwise, having not known anything about Tsukasa, I am intruiged.

Flo 2010-11-26 06:39

Oh wow, what a kick to the crotch for Rihoko fans. :heh:

Japan sure hates Childhood Friends. :heh:

iceyfw 2010-11-26 06:39

finally. i waited a good 3 months for this since haruka's arc ended. the rest of the arcs didn't really capture my interest so i skipped them. oh, the lulz @ the preview of episode 22.

Wigwams 2010-11-26 07:57

my god. haruka... can that be considered perverted? :D

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