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Gomenasai 2010-12-13 22:43

Awesome anime figurines
I can make awesome anime figurines now really easily, I was wondering if anybody has or knows where to find 3d modeling STL files, or blueprints for anime figurines. I can take the code and replicate the figurine from either a toolpath, or from the 3d program on a print machine. Especially any 3d blueprints built using the 'solid works software' in STL format. would be great as that is the primary application I use to program my models.

I am not asking for licensed or patented blueprints, just some freesource stuff if possible. Also, I am just going to make the figurine as a trial. I will post pictures of the creation process, maybe even a video, and the finished result when it is completed. I will mail the finished figure to anybody who wants it, as long as you mail me the shipping XD

Anyways I am really excited about this. I have 2 ways of creating models now. I have a pcnc machine that can make extremely high quality models out of just about any kind of metal, plastic, or hard rubber.

Or I can use the more practical for figurines, pp3dp printer I just got today.

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