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Pellissier 2010-12-19 07:59

Ore no Imouto - Additional Episodes and Alternate Ending
FYI (For Your Information), Episode 12 of "Ore no Imouto" will be the last of the tv airing, but not the last the series will have to offer. In facts, 4 more episodes are planned to be made (presumably around June/July 2011 with DVD/BD releases), providing an alternate ending for the series as well.

A brief Q&A to help clearing up any potential doubts.

Q.What does this mean?

A.The plot will develop in two different ways, with the point of divergence being placed in episode 12.

Q. Could you explain it better?

A. Episode from 1 to 11 will be left unchanged for both storylines. But there will be an episode 12, marked as "Good End", as a conclusion to the TV airing.
However, a new episode 12 (different in contents and development; at this point of time, it's not possible to say how much) will be released, followed by episodes 13-14-15. Episode 15 will thus be the ending of the alternate storyline.

Q. Will these episodes be streamed online, or will we have to wait for the BDs/DVDs to be released?

A. A recent announcement suggests that the episodes will be streamed prior to the BD/DVD release date, but more details are not available at this time.

Q. "Good End"? Does it mean there's a "Bad End" too?

A. Not really. Episode 12 featured an anime-original ending to the story, while suggestions so far indicate that the alternate episodes will continue along with the Light Novel Story, potentially leading to a second season (but this has not yet been decided/revealed).

Q. So, to wrap it up?

A. To make it short, let's call "12a" the tv episode 12, and "12b" the one being released later.

First Storyline: Episodes 1-11 + Episode 12a = Good Ending (TV Ending).

Second Storyline: Episodes 1-11 + Episode 12b + Episodes 13-14-15 = Alternate Ending.

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