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tyciol 2010-12-20 04:22

Kiddy Grade Movies
As one can see on Both 24 episodes series from 2002 and 2009 of the anime have been taken down via licensing and request respectively.

The page for the movies is still up though ( and currently displays only one torrent. Specifically, the 2nd movie Maelstrom by the group PF. However, there could be additional torrents listed for the movies. Here's a list including the one which is currently up:

CoalGirls did the first movie:

PF did the first 2:

An Anonymous group did the director's cut for all 3:

Kimi-Psp did small file versions of all 3 DCs as well:

It's a big confusing but I think these are the types of films that rather than mostly adding to a series spend most of their time recapping the series and adding some scenes.

So I am wondering, are these acceptable to list on AS? Could someone add them for other's benefit so the page is a bit more populated? There doesn't seem to be a submission form so I wasn't sure where to request it.

CrowKenobi 2010-12-21 12:52

Added PFsubs version of the first movie (thanks for the link!).

The others AnimeSuki won't list because there's a good chance that those groups didn't sub the movies themselves (i.e.: "borrowed" the subs from another source)...

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