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Pellissier 2010-12-22 10:44

Kami nomi/TWGOK - Episode 12 (First Season END) Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Kami nomi/TWGOK, Episode 12.

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Midonin 2010-12-22 13:57

Spoiler for Kaminomi 12 - The Wizard:

Shiroth 2010-12-22 13:59

Oh my, best episode of the season :heh:. Way more over the top then the manga, with addition material. Plus the conquest mode is just so much more hilarious animated.

That ED, oh god that ED.

Hakua featured during the talk about second season was nice. Can't wait for April.

Haak 2010-12-22 14:15

That was freaking epic. XD

konart 2010-12-22 14:47

Loved the moment when all his Xboxes and PS's are dead, but Commodore 64 is still loading Hakua

- best moment evah

MrTerrorist 2010-12-22 15:11

Best. Episode. Ever!

So much nostalgia about those game consoles. I bet the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd would challenge Keima and all of his classic games.

Also. Haqua VA confirmed and heard!

serenade_beta 2010-12-22 15:14

Pretty over-the-top episode, but it kind of got old by the middle. Still kind of entertaining though. A nice(?) touch at the end with Shimono singing (AH-----!!! AH----!) and shouting at the sponsers, I guess.
I'd love to have Keima play the Virtual Boy and School Days though... Virtual Boy because............ School Days because it doesn't listen to you, hyahah!
Keima: I see the ending!
Makoto: Eh~? :heh: I think not.

Some mystery girl at the end.............................. Is what I would like to say, but I swear that credits spoiled her name and voice actor on me... ( -_-)

Anyways, over for the season. Next time is MisoShiru ~Okawari (Oh the memories of Minamike revive back).

PS: Instead of pressing the buttons, there is such thing as the "Auto" feature....................

Seihai 2010-12-22 15:16

It's the episode of madness! 100% over the top, obvious parodies (or more like cameltoes), more of Elsie's cuteness and a new challenger appears at the end. The animation of the different coloured route strings were beautiful. The ending song had me facepalming but not in a bad sense. 10/10 because of all the extra joy on top of the flawless adaption.

D-Gold 2010-12-22 15:18

I want a god of conquest mode. I was thinking that for most of the episode. I must begin my training from the bottom by playing two games simultaneously.
This episode also really put me in the mood to play a dating sim.

oh and has anyone besides me wondered where Kemia gets the money to buy all those games?

Seihai 2010-12-22 15:21


Originally Posted by D-Gold (Post 3403476)
oh and has anyone besides me wondered where Kemia gets the money to buy all those games?

Yup, it's a good question, but can't be answered due to spoilers.

kache 2010-12-22 15:25


That Seed Mode was impressve. :twitch:

mtarzaim 2010-12-22 15:37


There is so much epic win in this episode it must have been directed by Wakaki himself, with a full legion of galge fanatics to back him up.

The sole fact that the episode ends on a full shot on the X360, an incredible failure in Japan despite her otaku oriented games deserves one billion cookies.
And what's about the Gamer room, so full of consoles it should be illegal...

Again, a good use of the OP during the episode.
God Capturing Mode was GAR.
And finally we see another of face of Keima, the happy one, far from his arrogant ass composture everybody else sees.

And we at last have a explaination about the title.

PS : Feeling Heart ... isn't an ending of a galge-turned-anime?
To Heart maybe?

FlavoryFantasy 2010-12-22 15:56

God Conquest Mode animated was just amazing:D
Couldn't help but laugh at the ED:heh: the singing made me have a smile on the whole time.
Though all those games and consoles that Keima has, makes me a bit jealous...Well he's a gaming god so got to respect that! :bow:

Liked how they used the OP song throughout the ep too. :love:
Now to wait patiently for the next season:hyper-^v^::hyper-^v^:

Metis 2010-12-22 16:00

At the end it seemed like Keima died. So, I guess that zombie Keima will star in the second season.

Shiroth 2010-12-22 16:02


Originally Posted by mtarzaim (Post 3403522)
And what's about the Gamer room, so full of consoles it should be illegal...

I'm more worried about the electric bill. :heh:

tsunade666 2010-12-22 16:30

the bill would be covered by his dad :heh: I bet his dad is working all day long to pay his never ending game list.

The episode is so epic. It's probably the best for me for this season. I just kaminomi. At first I was kinda irritated at Shimono's voice but the last episode made him epic and I can't think of other seiyuu to top what he had done on this episode. It really fits him superbly.

The god mode and Elsie sighing every now and then :D the zombie and the game world. And I don't care if it's all over the top because it due to that it made to the top.

Arabesque 2010-12-22 16:42

Spoiler for episode 10:

So, yeah 8/10 from me. If it wasn't for the end, I might have gone all the way to 10.


Originally Posted by Midonin (Post 3403368)
Now if Keima could help out Kirino...[/SPOILER]

I think Keima is the one who needs help :heh:

Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 3403469)
PS: Instead of pressing the buttons, there is such thing as the "Auto" feature....................

He must think that it's beneath him or something ...

Originally Posted by Shiroth (Post 3403552)
I'm more worried about the electric bill. :heh:

I'm worried about the damage to the building :X

ars89 2010-12-22 17:58

Epic to say the least. God of Conquest Mode is unreal. Elsie was there for bits but her cuteness made up for it.

So interesting new character for next season. Hakua was it?

paladinenvec 2010-12-22 18:14

The first half of the episode was awesome, i ROFLed when Elsie entered in Keima's room a second time and saw him in an awkward position , then from that point it began to be strange, anyway it was saved by the horrible song at the end , it was one of that things that are so bad that are very funny and why not? the comodore 64 stole the show at the end haha nice!!! at last Haqua will make her her appearance in 2nd season, the voice match her perfectly as i imagined.

Shiroth 2010-12-22 18:16


Originally Posted by Arabesque (Post 3403605)
I'm worried about the damage to the building :X

If we're talking about being worried and damage, then what about all those 360's in one room? :heh: They'll all overheat together, and then boom.

Backlog truly is a gamers worst fear, so i can totally understand where Keima is coming from. It especially doesn't help when your backlog is full of RPG's. :p

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