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Part 12 Part 2 HERE NAO! I've also reposted something I did in the Fanfic's thread, just since I'm kinda more or less mildly lost on how it really goes, so take it as a non-canon crack from the only Siglio shipper in existence. And also..Saga's image song. :3

Spoiler for Part 12 : 2 Of :

Next part shouldn't take TOO long...Since I'll be throwing in bits of Signum/Isdera and Vita/Wira along with some Shamal/Astra... expect some sap soon. And maybe...just maybe, we'll cover Saga/Tiara too.

And here's Saga's image song...Not in Japanese. It's his image song, which reflects his future events and conditions a little, so probably a little spoiler here and there.

So, just imagine Hoshi Souichiro in his deep, melancholic voice singing this and you'll do fine.

Spoiler for Hurt by Johnny Cash:

Anyway, with my canon/fanon stuff done...let's move on to stuff that's really fanon...

BE CONVERTED TO SIGLIO!!!!! Repost from the Fanfic Thread. :3

Spoiler for Preview:

Oh, I want to thank Aaron and Kha for their comments on this repost earlier. :9
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