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Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
This is not crazy. THIS IS MADNESS!!

Are you sure you can do this? Break the record? Even I don't have the courage to do so.
29 Pages! (Charges on)
Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Hmm...maybe once I complete the Story of Saga, I can compile it, as well as adding extra notes and stuff accordingly. Well, with spaces in-between, it's about 60 pages long...around 20,000 words...

To think that it became 10 times longer than what I originally planned for it...

Anyway, busy life. Here's Part 12.25, quite short interlude on Isdera and Signum. Next will be Wira's...probably within 6 to 8 hours time, since I've got homework to do.

Spoiler for Part 12.25 :

@Aaron...I'll wait to see what you have cooked up.
Watching and waiting. As usual Signum's teh m4ster at original fighting styles. I wonder how 10 years of reading Hayate's manga and anime would update those skills to...? MOAR SAGA/TIARA!
Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
*cue of "Can't Touch This"*

Spoiler for another one? USB500, are you not tired of this?:
HYAAAA!!! THE BLIND SWORDSMAN!!! He has finally crossed over into the anime world, that legendary assassin. I'm sure he and Artei have a lot to talk about, considering that some of Artei's sword moves were created by him. And maybe Sophia...

Sophia: (crying) OTOU-SAN!!!!

That... was a bit extreme.

But something doesn't fit. Mechanical bunny?

---New intelligence data updated---

Guns. Check. Lots of them? Check. Maids? Check, all 400 copies of them.

We take a brief look at Kha's new gadgets against the superhuman threats of Necron and Einst.
Spoiler for MOE is my middle name, in both sense of the word:
Before you guys drown in bleeds from loli-Broadsides and crews of Maids! Maids! Maids!, let's look at the ship too.
Spoiler for Seraph - The Ships of Maids:
Ok I broke my promise. In a sense, the V-fins are STILL here...

Thinking of what the ****** device when with Raising Heart or Bardiche plugged in would look like. Though this is definitely Hayate:
Spoiler for Duchess Nukem's...?:

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