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Holy S***!! The amount of backlogs is huge!! This is going to take a while to wade thru...

@Nightengale: You are the master indeed, I can't wait to read the final parts. What a great tale.

@LoweGear: Mai sure is one interesting character. So when are you going to write stories involving her?

@Reiji Tabibito: 4 OCs in one day?! You sure work fast.

@haiz123321: Interesting, but like others have said, quite a bit of many plot holes due to lack of information. Don't blame you though, With so many OCs, its rather easy to step onto other people's toes. Maybe I'll make a character relationship map when i got the time.

@everyone else: sorry if I did not leave comments. Just too much to wade thru.

PS. I got bored today and decided to craft a bad guy. I think this one needs to be balanced as I feel that its slightly overpowered. Hopefully it'll get me into the groove of writing "My name is Tais" stories again.
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