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Hooray, The Spellblades are finally finished, although they'll probably be tweaked as I come up as more ideas...

I've edited Isamu's abilities and also finished up Iza. Details can be found at my original post here

Spoiler for Blade 3: Tuala:

Spoiler for Blade 4: Valivis:

Alot of things have changed since my original post of the Spellblades. They were originally a separate unit with Myristic(I'll get to him soon...) in charge but I've changed it to a unit of three separate squads under Myristic. I've yet to come up with a nickname for Enforcer Unit 85 but I'll get to it soon I promise.

Unit 85 consists of:
Myristic, Captain and overall commander of the unit with the admin staff.
Squad 1: Spellweavers. The oldest Squad and also the original unit 85. Created 1 year after the Book Of Darkness Incident. Specialises in weaving spells together.
Squad 2: Spellbinders/breakers. (I'm still unsure of their name) established 5 years before StikerS
Squad 3: Spellblades: Newest squad. Established 8 months before StrikerS

Hope you guys like it and I'll get to replying to backlogs later.....

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