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Episode 12 Refs (Ctrl+C & V from 12 thread):

Konata's dad saying the first three syllables to "Pikka pikka no ichinensei" (A Japanese commercial referring to how kids entering elementary school are an important step in their school life) as he was cleaning.

The Rinkai Line to Ariake Tokyo Big Sight

Ouch-cars wwww

The 500mL PET bottle drink that Konata gives to Tsukasa and Kagami during the pre-Comike briefing is Koiwai Milk & Coffee

Wallet size, just like Comike, perfect enough for stacks of 500 yen coins and 1000 yen bills, which is average price of each book.

The doujinshi that Kagami bought for Konata: "Nurunuru Danchou-san" (Wet * Wild Dancho [Haruhi]) and "Ikenai Kanchou-san" (The bad, bad Captain [Tessa]) wwww

Tsukasa being lost and her mobile phone being useless because of the mobile phone repeater stations in that area are over-loaded. So true, so true. This is one of the first mistakes a beginner makes at Comike. In Comike, mobile phones are useless. If you want to communicate, get a handheld tranceiver (not one of those cheapo FRS/GMRS walkie-talkies, but those prosumer ones made for DXers by ICOM and Yaesu)

Konata talking about Harumi (the previous location for Comike...over 12 years ago).

The hotel for the Harumi Comike, Hotel Urashima www That hotel is also known to be haunted in some rooms. Very small, very expensive, and very hard to reserve due to Comike.

Kogami Akira indeed makes an appearance...but in the most unfortunate way wwww

Chihara Minori wwww

The otaku who's getting pissed off that Nagato's trading card is all sold out looks exactly like Gatoh Shoji wwwwww

If you look very closely at the background characters at Comike, you can find the Miyakawa sisters, Hiyorin, and even Soujirou. You have to be extra attentive as they are only there for a split second and it's kinda like "Where's Wally?"

Anime Tencho vs Animate worker Sugita www Sugita's impersonation of Amuro from Gundam (ku..nanika, bukiga nai noka?) is really good!!!

ED Theme: "Makenaide" by ZARD. Perhaps it's Kyo-Ani's way of paying tribute to a great singer whose death came upon too young, too soon? May she rest in peace

Originally Posted by MakubeX2 View Post
Now you know what Gauron means when he says "Aishiteruzeee Kasim" (I love you Kasim!!)
Kagami was so moe~ when she picked up that doujinshi. Her first step into the world of BL wwww

Originally Posted by Hahiru View Post
What's with that obasan voice for all the background characters? Old, young, male, or female .. it's the same voice >_<.
They are all voiced by Kujira (American anime fans would understand as "the voice of Orochimaru in NARUTO"). Why? Because it's cheaper to have one veteran voice actor/actress do all the background characters than hiring a different person each and everytime. The other voice actor who does background male character is Tachiki Fumihiko.

Originally Posted by Konata-chan View Post
And someone do their research, is the guy he's fighting also the seiyuu of Sosuke? I haven't watched FMP so I wouldn't know
Yes, it's Seki Tomokazu. The running gag is that:
  • Animate worker Sugita (voiced by Sugita Tomokazu)
  • is holding up a trading card of Kyon (also voiced by Sugita Tomokazu)
  • decrying how trading cards of Nagato (a character of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu) and even Koizumi (another character of Haruhi) are selling more than his
  • while Anime Tencho (voiced by Seki Tomokazu)
  • is holding a trading card of Sagara Sousuke (also voiced by Seki Tomokazu)
  • decrying how Sousuke's trading cards has a huge inventory for the past three years while Taisa-dono's (Tessa from FMP) sold out on the initial run

Actually, if you go to Lucky Star's website you actually see an ad saying that "just as Anime Tencho and Animate worker Sugita said, we have plenty of inventory on these two telephone cards! Please buy!!" wwww
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