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Meaning of the OP

Okay I just finished a huge project and I'm going to use devote sometime today to something which has "interested" me for a long time... the real meaning of the OP.

The following is the first section of the OP, "Motteke! Seira-fuuku" in its official form. I will include my own romanization and a rough translation:

Line 1:
曖昧3センチ そりゃぷにってコトかい? ちょっ!
Aimai san-senchi sorya puni-tte koto kai? Chyo!

"The ambigous 3 centimeters; Are you asking me if this is sqeeze-worthy? Hey (you)!"

Line 2:
らっぴんぐが制服…だぁぁ不利ってこたない ぷ。
Rappingu ga seifuku... daa furi-tte kotanai Pu.

"Since the wrappings are the uniform, then the situation should not be too unfavorable. Pu (sound of laughing with mouth shyly covered with hand)."

Line 3:
がんばっちゃ ♥ やっちゃっちゃ
Ganbaccha ♥ Yacchaccha

"Go for for it and do it ♥ "

Line 4:
そんときゃーっち&Release ぎョッ
Sonto kyaacch & Release Gyo

"Like this Catch and Release, Gyo (sound of sqeezing tightly)"

Line 5:
汗(Fuu)々(Fuu)の谷間に Darlin' darlin' F R E E Z E!!
Ase(Fuu) Ase(Fuu) no taniai ni Dalin' dalin' F R E E Z E!!

"(due to the) sweating valley, (my) darling is frozen (from action)!"

My translation of the section:

(My) breasts, are you asking if they are sqeeze-wothy? HEY!
Since they're wrapped in (my) uniform, it shouldn't be too hard, Hee!
Come on and go for it!
Just do this catch and release, and sqeeze tight!
But the sight of my sweating cleavage has freeze my darling (from sqeezing my breats)!

Now when I first read it I really didn't want to believe that it's really about THAT. I thought "aimai 3cm" is reference to the length of skirt some school allow above the knees. But from the rest of the lyrics I've realized that the "aimai 3cm" is a reference to breast cup sizes. Cup sizes are a western import that's the measurement of the distance between the rib cage and the top of the breast in inches. Each inch is a cup size. Since each inches is about 2.54 cm, it's the ambiguous 3 centimeters. The play on aimai (ambiguous) also denote how cup sized fluctuate; some can gain a cup size by special bras (like Kagami's underwire), and some can subtract one by tight clothing.

So it seemed that this song, at least the first paragraph, is an ecchi description of a girl's flirting invitation to her boyfriend to sqeeze her breast, but the poor guy was rendered incapable of the actual squeezing due to the sight of her sweating cleavage. Poor guy, must be a virgin (otaku!?).

I know some of you might disagree with me on it, but based on my research this is what it meant. So if that's true, who's the song for? Not Kona or Tsukasa as they have no said sweating valleys to display, and I can't imagine Miyuki flirt like this. That leaves only Kagami, and we know she cares about her cleavage. I can't see a tsundere sing this song either; maybe to her dearest boyfriend... but ai, I don't know. Out of character. But maybe that's the joke. The song is totally over the top for THESE girls, yet we see them dancing and singing to it... and we all love it. So who cares. Sweating Cleavage FTW!

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