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A lot of backlog, but I've been keeping tabs on what's happening...

Originally Posted by Reiji Tabibito View Post

Okay, got some stuff for you.

1: What exactly does DPS stand for?

2: If not everyone needs a GUNDAM, then the 82nd will only be taking 1 unit - Boomer and Arcas will switch places depending upon what's needed at the battle. Therefore, Mel and Sevasti will not have a GUNDAM design.

@Kha, Aaron008R, USB500, Saint X, LoweGear, Satty, Keroko: I'm working on a fic that'll be post CrosyS and I-n's - what's the timeframe for both of these series? My planned timeframe for the series (if it involves MD6) ranges from 6 months to 3 years down the road from StrikerS end. If not, the series will start ASAP.

Furthermore, I'm busy trying to get an OP at least conceptualized for said series, and I wanted input from you. I currently have 5 options: T.M. Revolution's Invoke, Nami Tamaki's Believe (SEED is my favored Gundam series), ANGELA'a Shangri-La, Saori Ishitsuka's Kindan no Panse, or Mami Kawada's Radiance. Don't worry about translations; I have access to many. If I could get feedback soon, that'd be great.
I say Invoke would fit well with the story.

Originally Posted by An Hero in Disguise View Post
Updated mechas adding one for Mirian.

Also here's how the battlecruiser generally looks:

Spoiler for Niddhogg prototype:

The actual thing is bigger and has the amount of turrets according to its profile - several are mounted on the sides; guided beam emitters fire through the loopholes distributed across the hull. Full profile coming up.

P.S. I was so tempted to use Portent of Darkness dreadnaught for this But something stopped me.
lol, Nepthis. I was tempted to use Jehuty, but decided against it. As for the ship, that's a big one.

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
She'd prefer something more along these lines, right?

lol, Gradius, although I expected a X-wing

Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Kowaii... But expected of a 2-tailed.

I've suddenly had this mental image for the ending of Maren no Yuutsu:

The Akatsuki grabbing her,
Koji mounts a daring rescue,
Succeeds but almost kills himself
And she confesses...

True my heart remains as the OP though.

Hmm....might be interesting

Originally Posted by Saint X View Post
If God Empress Willing, If AX finds another ship ruin, i'll bet they'll have this in their arsenal as well.

Spoiler for Possible AX Fighters:

Great, both planes and mecha.

Anyway, I'm finally done with my 4th character and Sky Squad.
Spoiler for Sky 4:

I also changed my mech post to show hers...

Another Edit: Changed Satsuki's style as so not to make confusion.

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