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Here's another chracter, the commander of my squads.

28 years
TSAB Mage rank AAA+
Weaver 0
Overall commander of the EU 85 (Captain)

Personality: An outgoing person who never backs away from a fight but will usually let his opponent win if he doesn’t care about what they’re fighting over. His manner has befriended many and was the reason why he met most of the members of the Weaver’s during basic training. He wants to help others to the best of his ability. A soft-spoken person, even when he’s angry but it’s obvious from the way that he speaks to the person that they’ve stepped over the line.

Spoiler for Background:

Spoiler for Device/BJ/Spell List:

Author Notes.
The device’s, BJ and spell lists for all of the Weaver’s will be exactly the same unless they have a unique spell which only they can use. However the strenght of the spell will still depend on the Mage rank and also the user's preference in spells. This is supposed to represent the basic level training which they all received. Also this differentiates the Weavers as a squad that has never had an ‘elite’ training experience where it is customised for certain results/people.

You'll have noticed that for all my characters I've used the phrase 'Standard Barriers + Shields'. While this is a lazy move on my part, there is a reason for it. This is used to represent the training regimen of the TSAB, unless they have their own variations which are more effective, it is assumed that they have learnt the basic skills from the TSAB and that these are used.

Essentially, the Weavers are a squad of enforcers that came straight out of basic training with the basics provided to them by the TSAB (regulation devices/BJ's/spells) but have been able to work together to such an extent that they are capable of taking down squads/people with custom devices/extensive spell lists and/or other haxx that the majority of the members of the TSAB don't have.

Alright that's it... I've still got all of the Weavers to take care of and I might get around to writing about squad 2 but for now I'll work on something fun involving the Spellblades and RF6
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