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Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Hey now. Won't that warrant a Sonic Intercept from Kha?
I wonder... 5,4,3,2,1...

Kha: Halt!!!

Right on time. Sorry guys, Aaron called it.
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Well, if he doesn't humiliate her in front of other people or something, he'd be safe from the chainsaw



Once again, my drawing skills suck, so I took an existing image as the basis for my design.


This time, instead of simply modifying an existing drawing, I made a total vector trace out of image I wanted, then modified it to visualize the character. So it's... 50% Original Here's a preview:

Spoiler for Kaylin Mathis:

Full version coming soon
Look cool. Never pictured Kay as such.

Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
@Aaron008R: I hope you don't mind but I suddenly got some inspiration involving Tais and Liana's drink

by all means go ahead.

----And now, for something different----

Ever wondered how much things would change if just 1 piece of history was different? I just changed one thing in Kha's past, and look at where it has taken us. This Kha appears in Satashi-sama's "6th Division: Reminescence", so several points of this "Kha Volks" are different to my main character.

This is what "Kha Alexei" would become if he never awakened his divine destiny: a purely fusion mage with a knack for ripping off spells faster than they are casted.

This is an AU work in progress. Comments please!
Spoiler for What if...:

Additional Information (for those who follow the OC thread):

This is roughly the changelog for the other characters affected.
Spoiler for length:

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