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More Yui-chan goodness

Spoiler for You What???:

Poor Koji, things just got complicated for him

And about Yui's stay in the Air Division, it was a mad house, being Nanoha's top student.
After Nanoha left, she practically took over the place with her MOE powers

Similar situation to when the Chiyuri personality comes out of Kozue in Mahoraba
But eventually she got bored and decided to work at the HQ, where her brother is, and now finds a new victim friend to play with

Ok, time to introduce Yui-chan

Spoiler for Minawa Yui:

That's pretty much it...
And now her picture:
Minawa Yui

I like how the Barrier Jacket turned out, a mix of Nanoha's with a bit of new things.
And Undine isn't half bad either

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