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Agh, backlog. *grabs a lightsaber and slashes it*

Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
Hiya everyone. Here is another episode of "My name is An Hero Tais" It should be a bit funnier than the last one but you know what my sense of humor is like.
Spoiler for The doctor can be embarrassing or Dodging the bullet:
C.C please. And special thanks to Lowe for the names of the Numbers. Hopefully you guys will find it funny
Great....the drink struck again.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

Artwork time again! This time, with the complete portrait of Kaylin Mathis in technicolor

Spoiler for Kaylin Mathis II:

Was planning to add background, but that can wait Despite being based off a drawing of Isako from Denno Coil, I've changed alot enough to make her look Kaylin
OMG! That's a great picture... to your skills.

Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Speaking of Tiny Kha, the image thread gave me this idea:
Spoiler for Noggenfogger... Natch!:

EDIT: Sorry to disappoint everyone. Kha turned into a shouta, and Erio into... Bishounen EX!

Sees all the OC girls passed out from mental overdrive

Wow. Erio, you're da man! But let's say Kha used this system as it is on Sakura, he'd turn into a chibi, and Sakura be in her full form ready to turn the world upside down!

EDIT2: ANOTHER MILESTONE GETTON!!! Time to celebrate with MOAR BLUECHEESIUM!!! Go crazy tonight minna-san, like we do everytime!!!

I'm so not playing WoW today.
Sky Squad comes in...

: What happened? Is there something wrong?

Everyone: *points at Kha and Erio*

: *sees Kha*........ KAWAIIIII!!!!! *hugs him tightly, probably choking him*

Kha: Ack! I'm dying here! Someone get me out!

*Satsuki and Margaret sees Erio. Margaret is clearly blushing going somewhere to hide.*

Satsuki: Erio?

*Satsuki faints, but hits a wall with her head, knocking her out*

Satoshi:So....that little boy is...Kha, while that guy over there is...Erio....


Satoshi: Weird...right, Vince? (no answer) Vince?

*sees Vincent in a corner, in an "emo" state*


Originally Posted by An Hero in Disguise View Post
Oh well, OK:

Spoiler for Payback?:
Another drink victim...might as well put this...

"...She walks warily down the street,
With the bag held way down low
Aint no sound but the sound of her feet,
Ingredients ready to go
Are you ready, are you ready for this
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
Out of the room all the health drinks rip
To the sound of the beat

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, it's gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust..."

Originally Posted by FlameSparkZ View Post
More Yui-chan goodness

Spoiler for You What???:

Poor Koji, things just got complicated for him

And about Yui's stay in the Air Division, it was a mad house, being Nanoha's top student.
After Nanoha left, she practically took over the place with her MOE powers

Similar situation to when the Chiyuri personality comes out of Kozue in Mahoraba
But eventually she got bored and decided to work at the HQ, where her brother is, and now finds a new victim friend to play with

Ok, time to introduce Yui-chan

Spoiler for Minawa Yui:

That's pretty much it...
And now her picture:
Minawa Yui

I like how the Barrier Jacket turned out, a mix of Nanoha's with a bit of new things.
And Undine isn't half bad either

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
I never thought someone would say she has a lady killer's gaze, was just attempting a "neutral content" look

At least Anna's got a preview of what's in store when he grows up

THIS! IS!!! BELKA!!!!!

Arcas has a sonic attack now?


MORE ARTWORK TIME! And this time, thanks to Master FlameSparkZ for his awesome awesome work! Here's my Gunboys, Smith and Wesson:

Spoiler for Dynamic Duo:

And as usual, Mai is not impressed
They are suckers for punishment...

Originally Posted by Erio View Post
Officially its Belka. But, as far as I know, Nighty and Kha use Velka so as to say that their stories are fiction. ... I think.

See why I say Kay is HOT?

Hahaha, you know? Whenever I think about Smith and Wesson, I see these guys:
Spoiler for S&W's illegal fanart!:

Lowe: Hey, Mai. *whispers whispers*
Mai: ...hai, Onii-chan.
Erio: Onii-chan?!
*chainsaw revs and Mai points -there-*
Erio: W-w-wait! I... I can explain!... NOOOOOOO!
I feel like Wesson is Reno...dunno why

Anyway, new antagonist here, gonna be making more of them later....
Spoiler for Black Wolf:

Edit: Anyone can use my OC's as they wish. Just PM me if you want to use them.

Other Edit: Nice job on the 3K post, Liingo. Slow typers FTW!

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