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You summoned me, did you?
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
... damn. Now waiting to see what horrors scenarios come out of your Epicsium-infested Temple

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Was wondering when you'd jump in

My take is that yes, that would be half-true. However, I had a proposal given to Erio that might require your approval, since I had a plan to distinguish between my Midchilda Type Chaos Magic and your Belka Type Chaos:

Spoiler for PM excerpt:

Thus for Belka Chaos, strengthened devices are even more important than with Midchild Chaos.

Originally Posted by Erio View Post
I... need... to go... sleep...

Yes, Lowe already told me about your ideas for Belkan Chaos Magic. My discussion with him began when I asked him if he wanted to differentiate Dark Magic from Mai's Midchildan Chaos Magic, and he mentioned that you have ideas for Belkan Chaos Magic used by Schneiderform, if I'm not mistaken (Kha is so complicated! ).

But anyway, your Belkan Chaos Magic is the War40k stuff, where a regular mage (with what we call a regular Linker Core) can temporarily summon Dark Energy from the Naaru to use Dark Magic, but it is super unstable and as you say daemons will try to break into the material realm, etc etc.

So we invented that there are 3 types of Linker Cores: a regular Linker Core (which emits regular energy), a Dark Linker Core (which emits dark energy), and a Light Linker Core (which emits light/holy/divine energy). Dark and Light Linker Cores are extremely rare, though. As you can see in Mai's case, she "obtained" one by pure luck. She's lucky to even be alive.

And to use Dark or Chaos Magic, you need dark energy, which cannot just be transformed from regular energy. In other words, you need a Dark Linker Core, or your ideas for Belkan Chaos Magic.

Or... find a device that USES Dark Energy, like Mai's.

Since devices just help the mage cast spells and stuff, it is not really needed. In the case of a Belka Chaos Mage, however, he sure needs one!
Am I that predictable?

Hmm this is correct, though Dios, being a Program, was built with a Dark Linker Core from the get-go. Nice distinction you guys made there, enough to be taken wholesale.

Just some clarifications for Belka Chaos magic for other players/writers:

For Belka Chaos magic, it is mana derived directly from the Quera, the Belka name for a special breed of static daemons that are mere agglutinations of dark mana that haven't turned rogue. Think Black Mokona type creatures. A Naaru manages these creatures as atonement for creating Kluize.

The Naaru are the beings of elemental light, and is responsible for supplying the Divine mana the Velka, and several other races of Light-worshippers, use.

It is the awakened Chaos daemons that pose a threat to a Belka user.

More on this distinction in the "Tale of the Thousand Crosses," coming soon.
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