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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Good, more background to work with!

So unlike The Warp, the Quera is more of a living organism than a seperate dimensional space? Sorta unusual, yet has lots of possibilities

So now we have Dios, Mai and Oswald as confirmed pure Dark Energy users, nice
Yes, a living organism born from the Warp but taking the shape of the Naaru instead of going berserk as a daemon god. An analogy would be that the Quera are the Naaru's shadows.

It's unusual cos they were created using terminology and evidence from the CLAMP universe, spliced with WoW and then heavily spiced with my crack theories regarding Terran religion. Only recently have I begun trying to interpret them in other contexts, like from a WH40Ker's POV.

More background since I'm on this point:

Another thing about the Quera is that they are so chaotic, they cannot have any logical thoughts. They are that disorganized; only their "bodies" are any semblance of organization. As such, the Naaru view them as necessary and unfortunate retarded cousins, and took turns to care for them. At the same time, the Quera are attracted to the Light emitted by the Naaru, and flock to them on instinct.

However, the Quera are like packets of instant level up candies for daemons, and are hence eaten on sight. So the Naaru have to protect them from the Chaos daemons to keep the evil beings in check. However, they aren't 100% at that, and some Quera do fall through and become part of a daemon god.
Originally Posted by Erio View Post
Very interesting.

Well, obviously we dont know how Belkan Chaos Magic works very well, so we'll leave that to you. We just know the basics.

At least we got approval for the material world ideas, which are just basic stuff.
Uh... Right. Honestly, Velka Chaos was kinda new to me, having only been hatched when Dios was first created by Saint X after I proposed a nemesis for Kha.

Glad to have been of help. Now to sleep with you!
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