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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Hmmm... I thought the Quera were the Chaos Demons, guess there's a distinction for that as well. So is there a symbiotic balance between Naaru and Quera, or is it simply Naaru altriusm?

And so, what exactly are the Chaos Demons here?
I'm not sure whether it can be called altruism or not... The fundamental drive is that the Naaru likes ordered things, and are driven to create order from the chaos that is the wider universe. At the same time, Quera and other chaos beings like to make a mess of ordered things, and are hence attracted by order. Quera are special daemons that are not only attracted by order, they are also attracted by Light, and one is born for every Naaru that is created. As such, while the Naaru would readily smite and destroy any daemon they encounter for wrecking their hard work, they recognize that the Quera were created because of their existence, and instead of destroying all chaos beings and thus upsetting the balance of the wider ultraverse, control and keep these more "benign" chaos beings, while smashing the rest.

A Quera on the loose is just as destructive to order as any other chaos being, but at least they can't influence mortals to do evil things, except drive them to madness because of their disorganizing "touch".

But Naaru are altrustic when it comes to dealing with mortal beings, for they created the mortals after all. And the Naaru would go through all means and avenues to ensure that they don't fall into chaos and evil. However, their influence in material space is limited, and so they influence the creation of special select mortals known as better known as Clerics from time to time to aid them. Kha is one such example, though one of the weakest ever due to the nature of the multiverse he resides in.

That's right, as powerful as Kluize is, and he is the best there is, he is only 9 times stronger than the average Cleric. Most Clerics would have you screaming H4XX from the amount of power and the degree of indestructibility they have. This is understandable: Only 1000 Crosses exist in the entire Ultraverse, so take all the power of the Ultraverse and divide by 1000... That's still very big.

Different Clerics are powerful in different ways, and even the weakest have something made up to them. Kha is the most human, and in a way, the most luckiest, as a compensation for being so weak.
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