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Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
Speaking of the Naaru, the concept of Quera has me scratching my head. If I remember my WoW lore correctly, The Naaru are not purely beings of Light as at some point in their 'cycle' they 'degenerate', radiating void energies and then later recovery to radiate light energies, continuing the cycle. There is no light without shadows. I remember this because of a rather long and painful quest line in Nargrand and because of the Ashbringer. so can anyone clear my confusion? Kha's idea of the Naaru is giving me a headache trying to understand.
It's similar to why the Shinigami have to harvest souls into Soul Society; to maintain balance.

I created this theory based on a name, then used the Mokona as my inspiration. The Naaru here, though similar in name, is not like the Naaru of WoW.

The only similarity, now that we're on a Naaru's life cycle, is that in my explanation, an "aged" Naaru, distinguished by the appearance of some disorder within itself, degenerates into mana. This influences its "shadow", a Quera that was born when that Naaru was born, to degenerate, returning both divine and dark energies to their realms to be reused for the creation of beings again.

Energy is conserved, not the being.

Mana processing from soul particles occur simultaneously; when Naaru exist, so do the Quera. As such both dark and divine mana is processed and emitted at the same time. "Egested" residual mana, which there is A LOT of, becomes the freely floating "neutral" mana used by normal mages.

Oh and if a Quera is consumed or destroyed, so would its "linked" Naaru.
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