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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Hmm I understand now at least. So the Clerics are the Naaru's Materium Arm if I may refer to them as such. Although I'm not sure why there's only a thousand crosses existing, still this is a case of more is less, since any more Crosses and you dilute the power pool

And with this revelation about the Thousand h4xxorz Crosses, I think it's time I considered making my own H4xx
This is actually tied to the Naaru having a strange affinity for humans in particular, despite them having one of the smallest footprints in their universe they live in. Case in point: Humans like Naaru, share a similar concept of balance and duality for existence. Also coincidentally, the Naaru number for evil is 666, and so are humans, whom 666 stands for Satan. And for the Naaru numerals, like humans, 6 is 9 flipped around.

While humans have another number mathematically derived from the Bible for goodness in general, Clerics have long postulated the Naaru merely flip 666 around to get 999 as their "Divine" number. However, as Clerics are not necessarily human, the true reason as to why "999" is not revealed to them, for it is beyond human comprehension.

When the Kluize disaster happened, a new Cross, a tainted one that was half divine and half darkness, was created, and the 1000th Cross was born.

As for your last point, I fear for the thread.
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Nice duality here and even in the immaterial realm, the conservation of energy still applies. I guess that's another reason for why the Naaru take care of the Quera due to their inexpicably linked fates.

So "neutral" magic generates from both the Naaru and the Quera?

Neutral magic is the "waste material" of all autotrophic (producing their own energy) beings of the Immaterium, the Naaru and Quera. Neutral magic is also consumed by mortals during conception of a living being and as they grow and age. Mages use even more such mana for their magic spells. When they die, they release their Linker Core, called the "Ethereal Heart" by ancient peoples for it was the seat of the soul, into the Immaterium. The Saved have their souls transmuted into another form, and the soul particles reprocessed into divine, dark and neutral mana. The Damned are also transmuted, but are consumed by the Quera and suffer for all eternity in someone's guts.

However, daemons are pure leeches of this balanced process, sucking souls out of the chain and reducing the overall mana available for the Naaru. This is also viewed by the Naaru as "unfair", for heroes and villians are not discriminated, reducing the likelihood that living beings would prefer order over disorder. Since only the destruction of these demons release the trapped soul particles, there is an unending war between daemons and Naaru in the Immaterium, each driven by their own primal forces.
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