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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
REALLY big rampage (But yeah, I get what you mean )

But that's why I also add in the description of the Immortals 'harden' shield (Refer to her spell Angelus)
Ah yes, now I see it. It fits too, since we already know Lindy is powerfull with barriers.

Now, for something completely different, I was finally motivated anough to start pinning down the Rogues. I will probably do only one Wing worth of mages because A: it gives people the chance to use Rogue Sqaudron in their reference (If I remember, someone already did so) and B: It gives me red shirts to play around with and increase the drama.

Spoiler for Wing 1: Introduction:

Okay, so this is little more then a bit of background information on Rogue Squadron itself, but I thought it was a good intro for the characters that I'm working on. As for a little spoiler in the first Rogue to get a spotlight:

Spoiler for who's this?:
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