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On a side note: I'm going away on a LARP weekend tommorow, so I won't be able to reply for a day or four.

I'm already having nightmares of the mountain of backlog.

Originally Posted by Reiji Tabibito View Post
Easy there - Arcas and Ginga are just good friends, neither are interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with the other - they just had a little fling in a moment of desperation and weakness (and not wanting to die w/o getting laid).
Isn't that drawing Ginga a bit out of character? I'm having trouble viewing Ginga as someone who would just go at it in the face of death... Especially with a silly reason like that...

Anyway, profile time! It's late, so maybe it'll feel a bit rushed.

Part 1.

Spoiler for Wing 1: Watarase Jun:

Blagh, it's late. Anyway, this was supposed to be the big shocker that got the thread moving again when it fel quiet a few days ago, but circumstances did not allow me to finish it on time. I may or may not tweak a bit here and there when I get back from the LARP.

As for a bit of Trivia:

-Yes, Jun was my not-so-subtle reply to the 'pair all the jerks with Keroko' trend.
-All Jun's attacks are named after missiles.
-The inspiration for the Sidewinder Battery Barrage was this particular scene:

Spoiler for Ouch:

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