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Hi again ,

Some of my friends on Animesuki have asked my to do a tut on how I do these avies.

First of all open up an image that you want to make into these avies. For this tut I'll being using this Nao picture

Get the crop tool and select the area where you want to have in the avatar. After this go to. Image-Image size 100X100 or you desired resoultion. You should now have something like this.

Now make a NEW layer and make sure it is under the picture. So you still see the picture, but there is a white layer under neath the picture layer.

After this has been done select the picture layer and you see where it has options like Opacity and there is something that says Normal. Go to that bar and find overlay and select it. If you've done all the steps right so far it should look like this.

BUT you will need a colour for the brushes to show up like the ones I showed you and the very beg. of this tut. I like to have the characters hair colour since it usually blends well.

At this point you should now have a colour of your choice and have the brush tool selected as your current tool.

Before you go on you should go to Deviantart and download Icon brushes. Icon Brushes

Once you've found your favourite brushes download it and select it through the brush options. Note: I'm not going through how to download brushes etc.*

Find the brush/es you just download and select it. Now Zoom in on your picture and find the area you'd like to put the brush. Reminder you must of selected the White layer NOT the picture layer.

So contuine doing this to you're happy with you're results. Finish it up with a border and Save as a PNG, JPG or GIF. and you should have something like this

Well I hope this tut can help some people.

Enjoy but most of all Good-luck!~
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