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Originally Posted by Asakura_Y0h View Post
Just curious, what's your definition of a well written fanfiction? Since I'm a writer and one that's always looking for ways to improve my fics, I'd like to hear what your opinion is of a well written fiction or fanfiction.... is it the plot, the language, the use subject matter... I really would like to know...
Erm, it's pretty hard to generalise 'well-written fanfictions...'

What I normally write/read is oneshot, so I tend to disregard plot unless the writer's style is interesting enough to keep me going.

Here are a few things I look out for:

Well, some may call this language... But it's not necessarily the case. Individual paragraphs may be intricately carved but overall the story may not be going anywhere. Style is what normally sustains my interest, and it's basically how the author carries him/herself out throughout his/her piece of work.
Erm, not many people look out for this, but... well, basically, I would feel disappointed if I were to read something lacking depth; fluff. If the story is thought provoking in the correct direction, then I to me it's a good story. I tend to place this above plot, because I am lazy. maybe.
It doesn't mean that someone with a good language ability can write a good piece of fiction, but the two are intricately linked. I love those people who can use imagery well ^^. Generally people with a greater language ability are more well respected.
Nothing much to say, just that, if I were to sum up 'depth' and 'rhetoric' into one word, it'd be concept. Well, not really, but ah, somewhat, dunno. It's just the overall feeling of the fiction. Tada!
Haha, it's hard to generalise... Email me if you have anything to ask!
My msn is on my profile, kay!! xP

Or ask me on my thread. ^^
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