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Originally Posted by FlameSparkZ View Post
And the craziness continues...

Spoiler for Not so Formal Visit - Part 2:

Heh...this was fun...very much

Yeah, Rein has a thing for Koji...It'll all be explained later

Maren sure shined when she managed to calm Vivio

And, Yui got a critical blow at her ego when Vivio called her scary

It's late, so I'll do the drawings tomorrow...maybe
...Rein is going dere over WHO?! Man just when I was doing the Sakura, Rein's Imouto interactions here... Interesting turn of events! Now I'd like to see how Koji survives being stalked by 2 Unison Devices, with one more whacky than the other!

Needless to say, FlameZ-sama WINS the thread again!
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Now for some incredibly random Artwork Time, inspired by a visit to the Defense and Sporting Convention at Megamall yesterday, and wondering why I've never tried giving all my characters named after guns insignia before Which is why I came up with this:

Spoiler for *sweats*:

I'm referencing two things here, which shouldn't be hard to figure out
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Got the Glock, but you got the wrong idea about the "K".

The insignia itself is my spoof on two Firearm manufacturer logos: Glock, mainly known for their line of handguns:

Spoiler for Glock:

And Heckler and Koch, aka H&K, or HK, an incredibly popular German firearm manufacturer, known for their submachineguns like the ubiquitous MP5, used by law enforcement agencies all around the world. This is where I got the K from:

Spoiler for HK:

Which is course, is where I got Glock Heckler's name from
I see... I thought the K was Kaylin too. This makes sense.

Ironic how the handgun I'm licenced to shoot is German.

Sorry, random thought again.
Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
*spits coffee*

Did I miss something important here?
I was serious about the Parry Hotter spells. And I think I'm giving them to another character I'm making, using the Britianna system, and has his own Noble Illusions too. After all, one Servant type of Mage hasn't been created yet...

The Map thing was a random thought though.

~~~New intelligence data updated~~~

An intercepted memo at Monarch Church detailing the logic behind the formation of the Regional Guard. Influenced by Epi 16 spoilers and summaries:
Spoiler for A Memo:
Yeap, the RG is an army of aging Batmans which is all Regius' fault, and Epi 16 soooo vindicates me here.

Rvs stands for Reservist, and it's meant to differentiate between regular standing personnel and the weekend warriors. All Reservists have the same ranks as the regulars, but they have a (Rvs) tag as seen in the memo.

And An Hero, could you read that memo too? One of your character concepts has been used, but I dunno if it flies in the face of her profile. It's supposed to foreshadow some sinister elements within the Regional Guard too.

I've been struggling with the RG's concept ever since Regius called the Church "peace-addled" and we all know my characterization of the Church has been anything but! What do you guys think? Does this make the RG's existence in line with canon?

(continues working on Rein's Imouto interactions for the Leryk arc)
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