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Originally Posted by Erio View Post
So far I know Kha & the 21st are involved in the current events. Keroko-chan probably, as she'll come aid Nanoha most likely. And Keroko-kun also wants to know what happens so he can involve his Rogue Squadron. Lowe is thinking about getting Mai, Smith and Wesson involved. And then there will be my two groups of OCs, which I'm not sure where they will be at the time of GC yet.

Aside from these, I havent seen any other OCs involved in the current anime events.
I'd like my OC's to get involved but will make sure that an ion cannon isn't pointed at my head... If I can find a good explanation as to why they can be there, they'll get slotted in... Which is what I'm doing now in fact, my mini training fic is set around ep 11 before they get their mode-2 releases.

Speaking of which

Links to the previous parts.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Spoiler for This is going well...:

And as a special bonus here's the start of Part 5.

Spoiler for Training Part 5:

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