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Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Now that I've gotten to sleep and cleared my head, I've come to realize that Ramsus' range is UNBELIEVABLY LARGE! You do realize that he can just snipe from one side of a large city to the other end without a hitch? Isn't that a little TOO hard to deal with?
Yeah... Which was one of the reasons why I decided to fanonize the Gunslinger Militia to even the playing field a little...

And of course seeing that someone else having a spell with a range close to Leutendes Licht's longest range ever witnessed (it can go longer under some circumstances) made me feel more comfortable.

Re: German goof-up in RG 1este Div's motto - Babelfish has its limits... Can you help me fix it, as I am a non-German speaker?
Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post

Way to go, der PimpKleriker!
Though 'mortified' left a wrong impression on me at first. Any chance of another word being used?
I tried "stunned" but it hadn't the same impact. I tried "petrified" but Fate isn't scared. "Mortified" kinda fit because their relationship was supposed to be a secret to the Forwards (A topic to be raised in Strike Lightning SS) but here was Kha smooching in front of all four + 1 baby in her arms. Wouldn't Fate be half horrified, half delighted, and 100% lost?

But on retrospect, I guess "stupefied" would've been more neutral with the same effect.
Originally Posted by Erio View Post
I'll see if I can make previews of the three today and post them. Lowe and I already got the basics of the three down.

Oh, I dont doubt a bunch of other OCs are around in the background right now. What I meant is that none of their creators appeared to have any intentions of involving their characters in the current anime events, for fear of Ion Canon, or whatnot.

As for now, the only characters who will 100% be involved are Kha's (he's been saying that for over a week now ) and mine, because my characters are deeply involved with Scaglietti, and whatever happens to the guy will affect them one way or the other. I just hope canon doesnt kill Scaglietti. He's way too useful for my stories!
He might end up killing himself, and if Vivio dies and Scag runs I'd like to reserve the joy of lopping his nuts off for my namesake OC.
Originally Posted by Erio View Post
1. "Justice" and "Freedom", and my characters are "three." ... I've already spoiled it!!
Why does this reek of Kira and Athrun h4xx so bad...?

And I guess there's someone with divine Providence of the Light, the uncreated "Light of Belka" faction motto?


Wait we already have Impulse here.
Originally Posted by Erio View Post
2. Sounds like a good plan. Yeah, the three will be under Scaglietti's direct command, so they will definitely go defend the most important facility.

And no, they wont be the Aces' clones. They will be worse. What I was referring to when mentioning that to An Hero, is that either the three LRW will be a step ahead of the Aces powers, or similar to a canon character capabale of defeating the Aces. So for example, Lutecia owns the Aces, then my three will have similar power to Lutecia.

All in all, expect a challenge! As these three will be under Scaglietti's direct control, they will also fend off attacks from any OC that wants to get Scaglietti's head, since the Numbers will probably be occupied against RF6.

3. You want canon permission... to do that...?! You'll have to wait until the end of the series!!
2. YESSSS... More Inherent Skills to add to Kha's collection...

And due to them running on Science instead of Magic they have no rank nerf (Scientific data can be perfectly replicated without loss), but cannot be used inside the Infinite Spell Forge, and would depend on Sakura's mana reserves to power them.

3. As in, Kiss Fate or Kill Vivio?

@Nighty: ... Agito's gonna cos a Time Rift here, even before he casts a spell...

~~~New intelligence data updated~~~

Introducing... the Spellblades Militia. As these Band of Belka have only themselves to depend on most of the time, each member of the group has a certain role to fulfill and is trained in a certain secondary "profession" in pairs of buddies.

Let's take a closer look at the organisation, through the "Band of Belka" promotional poster:
Spoiler for Band of Belka:
Must... Sign... On...
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