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Originally Posted by Psycho Power J View Post
Hmm, with the introduction of all but two characters in the opening scenes (technically four whose neams weren't give out), isn't it about time we have some starting a poll thread with everyone they can fit? Lucky Star girls and Kuroi and Yui. Too bad we can't have more than 10.
How many times do I have to repeat this

1) To create a poll I want that all the characters I'm gonna include have not only appeared, but also established. By established I mean that they got a regular screentime, not a quick appearance (or some quick appearances). Besides there are also characters yet to be introduced, like Patty Martin.

2) Since we're nearest the end of the series than the beginning, it would have no sense to create it now anyway. Especially considering that a favorite character poll after the series is over is a must.

3) Do not confuse this poll, for the 4 main characters only, with the favorite characters poll. This one is single choice, and will have a version 2 at the end of the series. The favorite poll will be multiple choice.
That will make 3 characters poll globally and I think it's fair enough for a 24 episode series.

4) Finally, as a Moderator I can include up to 20 options instead of 10, so don't worry that we'll (hopefully) find room for everyone.
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