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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
You better be, or taste my newest special ability!

[Zengar]EYE SOLID LASER!!!![/Zengar]


@ Guys: Thanks for the encouragement, truth be told I'm getting freaking impatient... all this time trying to rest my eyes has turned my creativity to OVERDRIVE, need to get ideas out!!!

@ Aaron008R: Chaos-inspired? This craziness my eyes really has to see!

@ Nightengale: Operation's called Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, aka LASIK, where a flap is cut into the cornea, then reshaped with a laser. Painless procedure overall, due to the anaesthetic, but rather uncomfortable. And if I were to describe the entire 5-10 minute experience in one word... it would be "psychedelic" It's an interesting experience... if you've ever heard descriptions of Near-Death Experiences and "The Light" , I guess LASIK would be the closest you'll get

@ Erio: Well, I did spend most of the last couple of days resting and sleeping. I can read properly now, though there's still haze on bright light sources and faraway objects. Hopefully I can get back to writing long within a few days or so
Hey Lowe, glad to see you're back, and I've seen on the Discovery Channel how they do it, but...damn it, man, REST!

Anyway, I've got another OC ready, yay! It's also one of the shortest, in my opinion, profiles I've made....

Spoiler for Spec 1:

And also, the 1st part of my fanfic today.

Spoiler for SearcherS I:
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