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Introduction: I've chosen the following types of unit according to my idea of the threats that land soldiers would face, what sort of environment that they'll be used, and their main purpose in them. I've labelled them into different catagory,

1. Light assault vehicle, aka 'Chasers'

2. Standard Battle Tank, the Workhorse

3. Urban Assault Mechs, aka 'Walkers'

4. Artillery, self-explain

5. Tactical Strike Unit, aka 'Missile' Launchers

6. Heavy armored Tank, the 'Big guns'

7. Siege Assault Mechs, Alot more firepower than it's urban counter-part.

Every one from these machines have been sto- *cough*, 'adapted' from several non-administrative planets under the Bureau's watch. Though a large portion of their exterior design still remains the same, their interior workings have all been refitted to function with magic.

(Note: Some of them have larger pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn't find larger images for some of them )

Oh wait, one more thing... It's 3am now so I'm WAY TOO tired to think up of names for their weapon packages... I'll do it tomorrow or something.

Spoiler for Let's begin...:

Please leave comment... Me sleeping... Will read later...

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