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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

Compared to the manpower heavy Regional Guard, the Ground Forces are a gearhead's wet dream!!! And having them all magic powered is a good way to get around the weapons limitations

I would've thought this would've gone in though:

Spoiler for THOR:

Hmm... I was in need of a 200ft tall Titan... And its red too!

(grabs in the name of the God Empress)

Armor? Crush them.
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

Glock: *reads profile* So it's my fault you sold Rhythm Edge now?
Kay: If it weren't for your imminent arrival back then I would still have it.
Glock: And who was the one who messed around with a Jewel Seed and thus required round-the-clock observation in the first place?

Anyways, we doing Angels and Demons Nanoha style? Would we be involving a plot to steal a Dark/Divine magic engine to be used as a bomb against the Saint Church?
Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Angels and Demons LAWL. This is the one place I'd never expect a Dan Brown reference. Though I'd rather Digital Fortress. Everything single data in Infinity Library under danger of being leaked everywhere, and it's up to to the Last Literature Defense Line of Dimensional Worlds to step up to their game.

Then we can do a 3-way Nanoha-verse of Dan Brown. Hayate and Nanoha stopping a magic bomb threat towards the Church, Chrono and Fate discovering the dark secrets of Deception Point, while Yuuno and Acous crack their heads to protect IL.

"All in a day's work."

Thor ftw. Though I'd wait till we see what Eihenjar is first. Next thing we know, it turns out to be a Archangel or something.

Originally Posted by Liingo View Post
Arnie?? Who's Arnie.... I must have missed the post...

huh? Kha explain your second bit... I've got no clue what you're talking about...
Lowe beat me to it. :3
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
It already smells like massive Epicsium, although there's something missing...

Ah yes, Robert Langdon. Who's gonna play his part? And who's playing Vittoria and Sophia for his harem partners?

All we need now are ambigrams, and we be rocking!


Arnie's a Necron currently in Aurion's lab, undergoing... "rehabilitation"

And Kha's just referencing Mai's connections to Jigoku Shoujo via W40K (Mai is of course the Hell Girl, with Arnie as Hone Onna aka Bone Woman, and Xealot's a former Tyrannid aka Wanyuudo )
1. I hear cryptographer. I hear harem leader. I even hear Sophia.

(turns to congregation)

Creator-san: Hey ladies, WHO DO YOU THINK IN SAINT CHURCH FITS?!

Ladies: KHA-SAMA!!!



2. Eres correcto!


A quick peak at another faction, in line with C2F's release of the TSAB Armored Division.

NanoHammer 40K: Dark Crusade Licht von Belka intro excerpt:
Spoiler for Licht von Belka:
Now see why Kha always has the best stuff?

@Regius: You are not prepared...
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