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Originally Posted by Kha View Post
I shall be silent no more! LIQUID BLUECHEESIUM BOMB LAUNCHED!!!

Spoiler for Licht von Belka Unit Description:

Not even Kha can withstand the Thor going Alpha Strike on him.

No heroes for the Cleric-knights other than Kha just yet, but there's supposed to be 3, one for each Cleric-knight specialization.



EDIT: Realized that I didn't do the Crusader enough justice and loaded it with more material from the Codex as well as Gamefaqs. Thanks Lowe!

EDIT2: More patches done! Please read again.

EDIT3: Added Thunderhawk Gunship image. If only there was something else there to show how big that flyer is compared to a human. Thanks Liingo!
Kyla: Tell me... are you sure the GDI has not been contacting you? I can ask Commander Andrei about this... where did you get the resources if not from the GDI... Don't tell me you've managed to unlock IT... What will Nonaha say to you now?


Andrei: NO we will not send any GDI units... I don't want to risk getting mowed over... *thinks* Ah-ha! Might upgrade the AX into a formal full unit as well... but that would need permission.

- urrk... blue... cheesium... urrk...

- Whoa... that's too much... I wish i can do things like that

On the other hand, Regius might scream like this:


Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post

What the-?! Who the-?! Where the-?! How the- ?!


Doing Air Force now...
- just some game images i picked up... well i play this one game you see and like Kha, i just try and integrate some of the elements into it.

- Those are Power Suits for special Reasons only

> Warrior
> Ranger
> Artillery


Speaking of upgrading sites with game content... might as well update my profiles - as if they were game characters - maybe.

Kyla's first on the Block... still at 60% as info is still being poured in- particularly her buffs and possible debuffs...

Kyla 2.0, Now loading...

Spoiler for Kyla Scrya: 60% complete:

And for a teaser of sorts...

Spoiler for Aremitas Xellostre:

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