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Originally Posted by Kha View Post
I wonder why hasn't she been fired.

And this does look like Precia, but this is someone who's perfectly sane... Oh well so much for sane. And clones run the risk of being illegal in Mid Childa I think...

Thanks again for your feedback. I guess the image I had in my head matched Precia a bit more then I realized! Heh. I'll need to brain storm something to come up with a new look. I thought about giving her pink hair but... That frightened me far too much. As for the cloning part. I did consider that part of it perhaps being illegal. What I came up with for now is that each of them are about 90-95% her clone while the other 5-10% are made up of something different; Celesti doing this to get around the laws. Her appearance is meant to be different from Alexandria and Minea to also help convince others they are not complete clones. (Many would fear multiple Celesti if just for the reason they don't want more psychos around.)

So, before my creative juices are gone. I will place down the basic information for Alexandria and her familiar before bed... Yes working nights can suck. In my story idea, Alexandria plays as one of the main villains, especially later on when it becomes clear what Celesti's motives are with certain pieces of Lost Logia.

Spoiler for Alexandria Damuel:
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