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Good morning Nanoha Universe! Today I will introduce the forth character to my saga but first to answer some of the questions or comments that came up from past threads!

For a while that I attended college, I got bored with it who knows why, psychology was my primary career choice. Since then, I try to give as much psychology and thought into my characters that I make... (which usually makes them psychotic.. I think that's cause I am maybe?) But any who... On with the show! This character profile I am trying to do in a new way. Each answer will be in character speaking format to help show the person's personality. (PS, when I said Minea was the antagonist of the story x.x I used the wrong word. I looked up what it meant and yes.. She isn't that!)

Spoiler for Vanissa Lantus:

Later today I, before I go to bed, I will be writing down a small peice called "Minea's Diaries". These articles will be written until I get the courage and braining storming up to begin the actual stories of Minea and at her current age. I hope you all enjoy!
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