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Thanks for the comments on Vanissa. Yes, she's the token pervert character of my story. The hardest thing to come up with, I personally think, will be the character that eventually wins Minea's heart. She'd have to be tough as nails to deal with her mood swings. >.>;; Any who, here's the first of Minea's diaries. I haven't had the chance to look into it yet what methods of dating and time Midchilda uses if anything has been said.

Spoiler for Minea Diary, Age 5:

Most of the diaries are going to be sad and a bit gut wretching. I want to get a good idea established for Minea's day to day life when I begin the actual story and introduce the people who will help "save" her and discover what is going on. At this time I don't have plans to branch the story to connect with the Nanoha characters directly, but if I do or when I do I can tell you one thing... Minea wont be leaving Signum alone... MWAHAHHAHA Well, Enjoy! Each day I'll bring out a new diary entry including when she first meets Vanissa.
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