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Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Can anyone here provide the full list of the Numbers? (original series only, no created characters are allowed). I'm going to use them for one of my fanfics.

The list is quite simple really, including their IS:

1. Uno (Scaglietti's assistant)
2. Due (yet to be shown)
3. Tre - Inherent Skill Ride Impulse
4. Quattro - IS Silver Curtain
5. Cinque - IS Rumble Detonator
6. Sei - IS Deep Diver
7. Sette - IS Slaughter Arms
8. Otto - IS Ray Storm
9. Nove - Unnamed IS
10. Dieci - IS Heavy Barrel
11. Uendi aka "Wendy" - IS Aerial Rave
12. Dodi - IS Twin Blades

Edit: Named changed for consistency

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