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WARNING!!! Bluecheesium Nuclear Strike detected!!!

Time for me to drop a Bluecheesium Nuke!

NanoHammer 40K: Dark Crusade
TSAB Ground Forces: Heroes

The Hero system has been taken from Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2. For those who have not played that game, the Heroes have 10 levels of experience and up to 5 spells or abilities that can be learned through them. This system is even easier than Warcraft 3's, and you'll find out why I chose this one instead of the latter.

As for "Resource Costs," these are also taken from that game. A Resource Cost of 5000 is the second highest in the game (6000 being the highest) and means turtling for at least a few minutes at the beginning of the match to get enough. If the other player rushes you, you're dead. Usually you start with lesser hero and later in the game when your economy is good enough, you wait for the 5000.

Spoiler for TSAB Ground Forces Heroes:

Regius... You're so damn lucky to have Hayate.

Subaru and Ginga's ability lists will have to wait until one of them shows us what they're made of. (Maybe episode 17, but I have not watched it yet).

Next time: Air Force, then Navy. For Scaglietti's faction I'll have to wait until they reveal all their stuff too.

Letme know what you guys think.

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