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Teehee! Well, thank you again for all those who have read and/or commented on my pieces of writing. It really helps me want to write more when I know I have an audience to write to. Not all the dairy entrees will be as abusive as this one was. I wanted to open giving an idea on how her sister and mother treat her. The main question I propose though, are the mother and sister's reasons for their difference abuses the same? Or different? (example: Do they both think she's a failure or unfit or is it just one of them?) Last night while at work I was working hard to come up with the next dairy entree and struck and idea. Just had to figure out some dates and I am in business! Without further ado, here is Minea's Dairy #2. As a note, I did some changes to the first Dairy for when it occures to December instead of April. Last night I took some thought into the time line of the three seasons and also came up who the Commander that punished Alexandria will be. So as of now, the first 5 dairy entrees take place to the middle of A's to after A's. So around December 14th to December 30th.

Spoiler for Minea's Dairy #2:
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